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April 30th, 2007

Adjusting Holley Floats

Quick Tech From the Garage of Tom Zuloaga. Nothing is worse than having a flooded engine after a carb rebuild.This is a quick way to get your float setting pretty close if you are re-building a Holley or Demon style carb. The trick is to turn the fuel bowl upside down and adjust the float so that the straight part (top) of the float is level with the straight part(top) of the fuel bowl.Turning it upside down will simulate what the float does when the bowl has fuel in it. Remember that the top of the float and bowl just mentioned will actually be on the bottom while it is upside down in your hand.

This is what you are looking for, the float is perfectly level with the float bowl while it is upside down.

The float setting is too low in this picture. It will need to be raised for the proper amount of fuel to reach the fuel bowl.

The float is too high in this picture. It will need to be lowered or else flooding will occur.

This method will get you pretty close, allowing the engine to start. After the engine has started, the floats will need to be adjusted with the sight screw on the side of the fuel bowl.

For more information or questions about this Quick Tech Tip please contact Tom Zuloaga.

By 67stang @ 7:56PM PST.
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  • 1
    avatar DKK says:

    I don’t know any other way to do a dry float setting on a Holley.

  • 2
    avatar bob says:

    so you get the float adjusted just right (as described above) and it’s still flooding, either pouring fuel out the vent or it pours out when you take the sight plug out- all it takes is a little bit of crud in the needle assembly to get it stuck open, or the o-ring around the needle assembly is trashed and fuel will slip past and it won’t matter where you adjust the float it’s going to flood.

    AND, if it seems like you’ve got to screw the needle in further than the top nut will allow you’ve got to take the float out and bend that tab.

  • 3
    avatar jeff says:

    I have gas pouring out of the vent. My carb doesn’t have the adjusting screw, so I have to take the bowl apart to adjust the needle. Since i’ve never done anything like this before, are there any picture guides or documentation that shows me how to do this?

  • 4
    avatar josh says:

    great tips. thank you!

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