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April 27th, 2012

Fordmuscle Ranchero Tube Chassis Part-40

 The brakes are complete and operational. I have used a pressure switch to activate the brake lights. You can see a different section around the master cylinder. I fabricated this piece out of metal and then carpeted it. I will eventually remove the  driver floor pan and make it all one piece with seamless carpet over the whole pan.  This peice was needed due to the rise in the floor pan for brake pedal linkage clearance under the pan. I raised the back 3/4 of  an inch fading it  forward to the pan surface. 

 I purchased a carbon fiber master cylinder cover from Jerry Bickel Race Cars. Carbon fiber is not only very light in weight, it’s like diamonds for men.

 The Line-Loc was mounted on the inside of the frame rail behind the mid-plate on the driverside. This location is perfect with fender well exit headers. All brake lines were mounted with 3/16 billet clamps. The chassis was Drilled and tapped with 8/32 holes  for mounting.

 The brake line was tee’d to run to the right front. The line was routed out to the radiator support and across to the passenger side. This will allow the  crossmember under the engine to be dropped with out interference for maintenance purposes.

 The trans cooling lines were routed up the inside of the passenger side  frame rail, using a cooler with 6AN fittings. The lines were also mounted with billet clamps. Behind the mid plate, the trans lines are equipped with “jiffy tite” quick disconnects for easy extraction of the transmission.

More Soon…

Part 41: http://www.fordmuscle.com/2012/06/fordmuscle-ranchero-tube-chassis-part-41/



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