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Performance Engine Building and Parts Development
TMeyer Inc., as mentioned in the previous section, is a precision
automotive machine shop in Fairmont, Minnesota. The shop's services span from CNC machining, to driveline repair, to cast-iron crack repair, yet they have established themselves as a trusted high performance Ford engine building shop. What sets Tim Meyer and his team apart from most Ford engine builders is an open-mind and an appetite for knowledge. A great result of this attitude is the 351M/400 block 434 stroker kit shown here.

434 Stroker Kit
This 400 Ford Stroker Kit (4.250" stroke) includes a 4340 Forged Steel Crankshaft, Forged "H" beam rods, oversize Forged Pistons, King rod and main bearings, a premium ring set, and a billet timing chain set. A harmonic balancer is also available with the kit. Depending on desired compression ratio, the entire kit sells for $2300.00 from TMeyer Inc.

TMeyer Inc.'s objectivity about the 351M/400 has made them innovators of performance parts for this often overlooked mill. By treating the 351M/400 as equals among Windsor's, Clevelands, FE's and 385-series engines, their shop is now serving a special Ford niche made up of F-series, Bronco, Pantera, and XA/XB Falcon enthusiasts. TMeyer Inc. has also peaked the curiosity of those just starting to believe in the 351M/400.
Ford 351M/400* Pistons from TMeyer Inc.
TMI/KB2347 Hypereutectic Piston for Stock Heads
Zero deck height and 9.5:1 Compression Ratio with 76cc chamber
Hypereutectic Piston for Aussie Heads
Zero deck height and 9.5:1 Compression Ratio with 60cc chamber
Forged Flat Top Piston for TMeyer Inc. 434 Stroker Kit Not sold separately
Forged Flat Top Piston
Zero deck height. Requires special .927 bushing for connecting rods.
*351M applications must use 400 crank

TMeyer Inc.'s reputation is especially strong within the Ford truck community. In fact, it was the crew within the 335-series forum at www.ford-trucks.com that brought them to the attention of FordMuscle. Tim Meyer has become the unofficial "go to guy" for turnkey performance-built 351M/400s. His team's experience building these motors has made the shop a valuable resource for information and specialty components specific to the 351M/400.

In addition to carrying carefully selected "off-the-shelf" performance engine parts for the 351M/400, like cylinder heads, camshafts, intakes, valvetrain components, balancers, ring sets, etc., TMeyer Inc. has developed some of their own specialized 351M/400 performance parts. Most notably is their 400 Stroker Kit (referenced above) and options in Hypereutectic and Forged pistons. That's right, somebody out there IS actively doing R&D for 351M/400 specific performance parts. Here's a list of some other parts that TMeyer Inc. has already developed for inclusion in his soon-to-be released "All-Ford" catalog.

Misc. TMeyer Inc. 351M/400 Specialty Performance Parts
EFI Intake Adapters Allow use of 351C Factory Style Intake Manifolds on 351M/400's with heads using a stock intake port configuration. Adapters are tapped for EFI setup. Available for 351C 2V and 351C 4V heads.
4 Bolt Main Caps Available for center three main journals. Block must be prepped accordingly.
Rear Sump Oil Pans For F-series applications

Camshaft Options
Clearly we've supplied ample evidence thus far that the 351M/400 engines have plenty of aftermarket support. With stroker kits, cylinder heads, and manifolds readily available at fair prices, the question turns to camshaft selection. Cams of course are that key component that give an engine (and its builder) individuality. And, thanks to sharing the same cam bore as the 351C, there is no shortage of individuality in the 351M/400 cam listings. In fact, a glance at the Comp Cams catalog reveals nearly 30 off-the-shelf grinds for the 351C/351M/400 motor. An additional 30 or so custom grinds are also available. These cams cover the gammet, from flat tappet to roller, and hydraulic to solids ranging from 201 to 298 degrees of duration. We have no doubt that the other major cam companies have similar pages dedicated to these motors.

What's important to understand is that most of the recommendations found in camshaft manufacturer catalogs are most likely written with the stock 351 displacement in mind rather than 400, or more, cubic inches. This just means you need to think a little about the rpm ranges quoted on the cam card. A given duration and lift cam will perform at a lower rpm range as the engine displacment increases. A cam rated to operate at 2500-6000 rpm in a 351C engine may be expected to operate up to just 5500 rpm in a 400 motor. Whenever you are deviating significantly from the stock displacement you'll need to consider this factor as cubic inches tend to "tame" duration. Keep in mind that these considerations are along with the usual factors of compression ratio, cylinder head flow, stall converter, and of course plain 'ol desire for a lopey idle.

(351M/400 Camshafts Continued)
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About Price Motorsport
Price Motorsport (PME) is well known in the 351M/400 community for their manufacture of adapters giving enthusiasts the ability to use 351C and 351W intake manifolds on 351M/400 motors. See the section "Specific Intake Manifolds and Adapter Plates" in this article.

Family owned and operated, Bill and Mary Price have been running the show for 25 years. Bill has the engineering and racing background while Mary has the managerial and organizational skills to keep it together. As a team, they study the Ford performance aftermarket and develop
complimentary parts. Their 351M/400 intake adapters are a perfect example of the niche they've carved out.

PME machines 99% of their products themselves in their Hope, Indiana shop.

PME enjoys interacting with Ford enthusiasts, this is why they sell directly to the public. Lately, both Bill and Mary are noticing a increasing importance to buy and sell items that are Made in the U.S.A. PME spends extra time and effort in this endeavor and hopes that other manufacturers will follow their lead.

For more information and a complete list of PME products see:





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