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(351M/400 Camshafts - Continued)
The list below is just a small selection of very popular 351M/400 camshafts. Tim Meyer says the first three hydraulic flat-tappet cams make up the majority of cams that go into his customers builds. We've also listed a couple of solid flat-tappet grinds that work very well. Be sure to factor out about 10 degrees of duration and .020 lift off the solid cam specs due to the lash setting.

Popular 351M/400 Flat Tappet Camshafts Comp Cams
Usage Guide
Dual Energy 255DEH
203/216 @.050
110 lobe sep
Good torque and mileage. Good RV and towing cam. Works well with stock exhaust.
1000 RPM to 5500 RPM
Dual Energy 265DEH
211/223 @.050
110 lobe sep
Very strong midrange and torque. Everyday performance with stock exhaust.
1500 RPM to 5750 RPM
Extreme Energy XE256H
212/218 @.050
110 lobe sep
Strong torque thru low end and midrange, good idle
1200 RPM to 5200 RPM
Extreme Energy XE262H
218/224 @.050
110 lobe sep
Strong torque, excellent response. Good midrange, stock converter, 3.23 gears.
1400 RPM to 5600 RPM
240/246 @ .050
110 lobe sep
Street/Strip with minimum 2800 rpm stall, 9.5:1 compression, headers, gears. Rough idle. 2300 RPM to 6500 RPM
224/224 @ .050
110 lobe sep
SOLID - Excellent Torque, good for everyday street performance. 9:1 compression, noticable idle. 1800 to 5800 RPM

We're big proponents of roller cams. They offer better torque due to the more aggresive lobe profiles, and have much better reliability. Comp Cams has a nice selection of profiles and retrofit kits for the 351C. Use the Comp Cams suggested pushrod to make up for the 351M/400's increased deck height and you've got a roller setup. If you can afford a roller setup, go for it. Here are a few mild and wild roller cams.

Popular 351M/400 Roller Camshafts from Comp Cams
Grind #
Usage Guide
206/206 @.050
110 lobe sep
Best for stock rebuild for economy or towing. Can be used with stock gears and converter. Smooth idle.
1200 RPM to 4500 RPM
215/215 @.050
110 lobe sep
Mild street performance. Slightly noticeable lope at idle. Will work with stock converter or even better with 1800+ stall and gear upgrade.
1800 RPM to 5000 RPM
244/244 @ .050
110 lobe sep
SOLID - Excellent power, okay for street use. Use 3000+ stall converter, needs low gears. 2500 to 6500 RPM.

Run EFI on a 400 with Your Choice of 351 Cleveland 2V Intake Manifolds.
Speed parts don't have to come off CNC machining centers to qualify them for the performance aftermarket. In this shot, TMeyer Inc. adds his own innovative touch to a pair of 351M/400 intake adapters from Price Motorsport. Prepping the intake adapter to fit injectors allows the 351M/400 owner to experiment with various 351 Cleveland intake manifolds.
Specific Intake Manifolds and Adapter Plates
The performance aftermarket does come up short with just a couple one-piece 351M/400 intake manifolds. Weiand's Action Plus and Edelbrock's Performer are mild dual-plane upgrades over the stock casting that will bolt right up to a 351M/400 running 2V heads. To accommodate those who are looking for more options in single plane and hi-rise intakes then "the other" aftermarket comes to the rescue. Price Motorsport's development of three different intake adapter plates for the 351M/400 open up the whole world of 351C and 351W style intakes to those wishing to build a performance 351M/400. The adapter plates are designed for use with 351C 2V or 4V heads with a factory intake port location and shape. From down under, CHI's infamous single plane 3V intake manifold (designed specifically for CHI 3V heads) is offered with its own adapter plates to fit a 351M/400 block. However, the rumor mill suggests that CHI will soon release a one-piece 400 intake.

Weiand Action Plus
351M/400 Block Recommendation: Dual plane. Popular stock replacement manifold for mild street machines and trucks. For use with stock 2V intake port configuration.
Edelbrock Performer
351M/400 Block Recommendation: Dual plane. Popular stock replacement manifold for mild street machines and trucks. For use with stock 2V intake port configuration.
CHI 400 3V
351M/400 Block Recommendation: Single plane intake designed for higher operating RPM range. Great for 434 stroker, relatively lighter vehicle, and shorter gears. For use with CHI 3V heads only.
Price Motorsport AP29 Adapter Plates
Allows use of 351C Intake Manifolds on 351M/400 blocks with 351M/400/351C 2V style heads.
Price Motorsport AP30 Adapter Plates
Allows use of 351C Intake Manifolds on 351M/400 blocks with 351C 4V heads.
Price Motorsport AP34 Adapter Plates
Allows use of 351W Intake Manifolds on 351M/400 blocks with with 351M/400/351C 2V style heads. Great option for those wishing to run EFI.

Other Benefits From the 351C and 429/460 Performance Aftermarket
If you haven't been convinced yet that building a performance 351M/400 can be accomplished easily with readily-available aftermarket products, then consider the amount of ancillary parts that cross over from the 351C and 429/460. Many manufacturers make the mistake of leaving out the 351M/400 when labeling the
applications covered by their products. A few examples are distributors, water pumps, and rocker arms. There is nothing unique about a 351M/400 distributor, which makes choosing ignition systems a small chore. In fact, the 351C/351M/400/429/460 all share the same distributor. As we mentioned earlier, 351C camshafts are a direct fit. In addition to cams, rocker arms are also exactly the same since the 351M/400 uses the cleveland cylinder head. Water pumps also crossover making hi volume varieties from weiand and moroso also eligible for a 351M/400 buildup. This list goes beyond power-producing performance parts as well. Valve covers make the cut as do cylinder head gaskets and header gaskets.

As many already know, the 351M/400 was very common as a Ford truck motor throughout the 70's. Owners of F-series and Bronco who look at their 351M/400 motors and wonder why they need to replace them with a 460 have looked to TMeyer Inc. for performance solutions. Combine the easy-to-locate 351M/400 in your local wrecking yard with continued development of performance parts for these motors and we'll expect you might be seeing 434 strokers making their way into vintage Ford muscle very soon.
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