No, we are not turning into a Ford truck website although we’ve got a lot of truck material this month, so don’t worry. However, we sure have gained a new respect for older F-Series trucks after trying to hunt down a new project last November. While we ended up with a 1978 model, we had our hearts set on a 1967-1972 model. Commonly referred to as the “bumpside” due to the convex horizontal body line, 1967-1972 trucks share classic looks and the raw Ford toughness you expect from F-series. During our search we came across a website specifically serving the niche of “bumpsides” at Site owner Keith Dickson does an excellent job keeping fordification current and moderated. Because Keith’s site spans just this 6 model year range, he is able to keep the community tight and the content extremely relevant. If you are ever thinking about getting a 1967-1972 Ford truck then is the place to look for support. Hats off to Keith and the participants at fordification for keeping it going. The FM staff and our forum users know it’s a lot of work!