You’ve got to offer your props to FordMuscle reader and large Ford enthusiast Fabiano Zanon from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Fabiano is preparing his 1981 Brazilian Galaxie for asphalt road course action typically made up of short wheel base performance street and dedicated race cars. Fabiano will be participating in the regional “FORMULA CLASSIC 2008 OLD CARS RACE” at Guapore International Raceway in his home state of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil. The event is dedicated to classics that are 25 years old and older. The FORMULA CLASSIC 2008 OLD CARS RACE race can be compared to the road course events put on here in the U.S. by the HMSA Historic Motorsorts Association. You’ll just need to subtract the wine, cheese, barriers-to- entry, and the HMSA’s ultra-specific rule book to get a feel for what the FORMULA CLASSIC 2008 OLD CARS RACE is all about.

While the FORMULA CLASSIC 2008 OLD CARS RACE is yet to run later this year, Fabiano has already got his car to an open track event in preparation for the competition at Guapore. “Primeiro Track Day” (First Track Day) was held earlier this June. Here are some shots from the event. Great to see a large Ford going around the course with smaller varities of Brazilian sports cars!

Ford Galaxie Landau
For Brazilian Ford lovers, the Ford Galaxie Landau has been the option to the more popular Brazilian Maverick which FordMuscle covered in detail in the article “Fords do Brasil” a few years ago. Only available in Brazil in a 4-door, the Galaxie Landau was one of the few V8’s ever produced in the country. While somewhat sedate in appearance for American musclecar enthusiasts, the site of a Landau to a “car guy” in Brazil evokes passion for V8 sound and power. It is also important to realize that cars of this size are VERY unsual in Brazil despite the vast open spaces and the overall size of the country.

Brazilian Galaxies were originally equipped with 272 or 292 Y-blocks and the body went largely unchanged during the 1967-1983 production run.

Here’s a run down of Fabiano’s 1981 Galaxie Landau. Remember, these cars are not hugely popular in Brazil as race cars, so parts and are not readily available.

Engine: 302
Compression ratio: 11:1
Carburetor: Stock Motorcraft
Distributor: Stock Duraspark II
Fuel: Premium Gasoline (96 Octane)
Wheels: 15 X 10
Brakes: Factory
Transmission: C6
Rear end: 3.07:1

About Fabiano
Fabiano is a 30 year old project engineer working for a food enterprise that manufactures measurement devices for packing machines. He has been studying Mechanical Engineering at a local University since 1997 and is nearly finished. At the University, Fabiano and more than 15 other students have built various automotive prototypes. Outside of work and school, Fabiano enjoys working on his Galaxie of course along with gravity cars, and virtual CAD projects.