1,800HP, Boss 429-Powered ’67 Mustang Up For Sale

When the first line of the auction listing reads, “You are looking at one of the most breathtaking Mustang fastbacks to ever grace this planet,” you know you are probably in for a special treat. One look at the photos and the specification sheet on this 1967 Mustang and you quickly realize that first line was 100-percent correct!

The owner of this car wanted to build a pro drag radial car using only the best parts available and that is certainly what they have done. Starting with what appears to be a pristine 1967 Mustang fastback, they have built a monster around it. But they didn’t just throw a bunch of nice parts together in hopes of building a car, the attention to detail is immediately evident in this car!

The Boss 429 is easily one of, if not the most legendary engines Ford ever produced. Originally designed and built to compete against Mopar’s 426 HEMI, the Boss became an instant classic. This fastback uses that classic Boss 9 look to wow those taking a look under the hood. However that famous valve cover is where the similarities between this powerplant and the original 429 starts to fade. This is a one-off, all-aluminum, 600 cubic-inch Boss 9 block. The engine features Holley Dominator electronic fuel injection, a custom Hogan sheetmetal intake and two Nitrous Outlet dry foggers. The engine also features a Winberg Billet Crank, Oliver Rods, and Diamond Pistons, along with a long list of supporting mods. All told it is said to produce 1,800 horsepower!

1967 Mustang Fastback Mods

• C & C aluminum block
• Winberg billet crankshaft
• Oliver rods
• Diamond Pistons w/ 15:1 compression
• Kaase Boss 429 heads
COMP Cams solid-roller camshaft, .870-lift
• Hogan aluminum sheetmetal intake
• Two Nitrous Outlet Dry Nitrous fogger kits
Holley Dominator electronic fuel injection Management System w/ Holley injectors, Holley coil packs and a Holley digital dash
B&M Pro Bandit shifter w/ line lock
Strange Engineering Pro disc brakes
Weld Racing V-series wheels
Mickey Thompson front runners and Pro Radial rear tires
Moser Engineering M9 sheet-metal rear housing
• Strange Aluminum third member w/ 3.90 gear

The stance lets you know right away that this is a sinister machine. One look under the hood and you realize it has the power to back up that sinister look! Every thing on the car is well planned out and executed.

The fit and finish appears to be amazing. The ad does quickly let us know that this is not just a show car however and that it is easily capable of 4 second time slips in the eighth mile!

Ready to pull the trigger on this work of art? This Mustang can be yours for just $185,000 dollars! According to the listing, that’s more money than this went into building this machine and we do not doubt that! This is definitely a no expenses repaired build!

To check it out on eBay for yourself, click here!

The interior of the fastback is all-business. It features carbon-fiber floors, a custom race seat, and custom sheetmetal done by AP Race Cars. A chrome-moly 25.2/25.3 certified cage keeps the driver safe in case of an accident along with an onboard fire suppression system. The owner calls it an "extremely comfortable, 4-second eighth-mile race car!" Let’s be honest though, if you are that fast and look this good doing it, who cares how comfortable you are?

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