1970 Ford Maverick Takes The Hoonigan Challenge

The guys over at Hoonigan have issued a standing challenge for someone to come in and do a “wheelie” on the loading dock at the Doughnut Garage. In the video above, Alex George brings his 1970 Ford Maverick drag car out for the challenge.

The Maverick features a 351 Windsor stroked out to 408 cubic inches. It is topped with a set of AFR aluminum heads and a 950 Holley carburetor. The 13.5:1 engine pumps out around 700 horsepower on race gas on the engine dyno. A C4 transmission and a Ford 9-inch rearend were enlisted to transfer the power to the massive Mickey Thompson slicks out back.

Of course all that power is worthless if you cannot hook up and go straight down the track! That is where coilovers in the front and a set of ladder bars out back come into play. From one end to the other, this lightweight Maverick is all-drag and built to race.

With multiple winner decals on the back glass to prove it, Alex’s Maverick is a bracket warrior at the track, but what will it do on the loading dock at the Doughnut Garage? At just 2,600 pounds with Alex in the car, there is more than enough power to throw this car up on the back bumper. In fact, Alex brought along a photo and a twisted back bumper to prove it!

Just like the at the track, the prep work is key! Alex's crew applies their own special blend of traction additive to the loading dock!

But hooking on the track is one thing. Hooking on a loading dock is a different game all together. Alex’s crew preps the loading dock just as they would the track, in hopes of making it stick like glue.

Will it be enough to pull the front wheels off the ground? Watch the video and find out!

For more wheels-up action from this beautiful Maverick, be sure and follow Alex on Instagram @albundy_7555


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