Given the growing popularity of today’s small, fuel-efficient cars, the Ford Fiesta continues to gain interest from the enthusiast and auto racing communities.
GRAND-AM, the SCCA, and World Challenge have created opportunities for Fiesta and other “B-Class” cars to race, at both the amateur and professional levels. Designed as an affordable class for the entry-level racer, B-Spec features production cars utilizing stock engines. These cars are then up-fitted with competition safety cages, racing seats and other safety equipment. Further modifications are limited to tires, wheels, and manufacturer-approved suspension components.
Ford Racing now offers a B-Spec upgrade kit that will allow the 2011-2012 Fiesta hatchback to compete in SCCA and GRAND-AM’s B-Spec classes. At the center of the parts kit is an affordable Ford Racing coil-over suspension kit. This kit, when combined with sticky tires, makes the already fun-to-drive Fiesta a well-balanced track competitor.
The first SCCA/World Challenge pro B-Spec event is scheduled for April 27th-29th 2012 at Miller Motorsports Park. The first GRAND-AM B-Spec pro event is scheduled for April 27th-29th 2012 at the Homestead-Miami Speedway during the Grand-Prix of Miami GRAND-AM weekend.
Fiesta B-Spec Parts:
B-Spec Coil Over Suspension Kit (front and rear) M-FR3-FAEB MSRP $1,486.00
Fiesta AC Delete kit M-19216-FSB MSRP $ 99.00
FRPP Tow Hook M-17954-A MSRP $ 55.00
FRPP/K&N Air Filter M-9601-FSB MSRP $ 59.00
Fiesta B-spec ABS Module M-2C405-FAB MSRP $ 310.00
FRPP Stainless Brake Hoses M-2078-FA MSRP $ 145.00
Fiesta Short Throw Shifter M-7210-FA MSRP $ 199.00


Build Cost:
Including the donor car and the Ford Racing B-Spec parts, the estimated cost to build a race-ready B-Spec Fiesta is approximately $25,000.
Contact Information:
Ford Racing Performance Parts – 800-367-3788
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