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1969-1970 Mustang
The body on 1969 Mustangs was altogether different and reflected the first major change in the five year old line. The Mach 1 was introduced as a variation of the fastback of previous years. V8 power was installed in 81.5% of all '69 Mustangs. Mustangs were now all-out perforamance machines with the introduction of the Boss 302. Styling was not much different for 1970. The most potent power plant for the 1970 Mustang was the 429.
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1969 Coupe
My poor little 69 coupe had one foot in the grave 3 years ago. I've done a driving restoration on it over the last 3 years and it's pretty close to completion. It's not in any way a show car, just fun to drive and look at.  

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1969 Coupe
Still under construction. Mods completed or soon to be done: 351C with nitrous. 9" rear with posi 4:11's. Built C4 with 3000 stall converter. 750 Holley. Converted to front discs.  
CID:351 Rearwheel HP:400+

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1969 fast back
Ingless webber induction, Tko 500, 3:70 gear,original 351W, Roush heads,FPA 1 3/4 headers, .500 lift cam.  

1969 Mach 1
Work in Progress  

1970 Boss 302
Thought I'd throw in another car that was in my stable at one time. Five year restoration. Can't believe I sold it.  
CID:302 Flywheel HP:290@0000 Torque:290@0000  

1970 BOSS302
I have been working on this for the last 10 months and still have lots to do. Should be ready for spring 06 if everything goes alright..  
CID:347 Flywheel HP:485@6800 Torque:420@4100  

1969 coupe
Hi All, The car is stock except for a full Magnaflow exhaust system and Hedman Shorty headers with Jet Hot coating, and Weld Wheels. The plans keep changing, but as of now I want to put in a 331 stroker, and either an AOD or 5-speed manual. With help from all of you and FM, the dream will come true!  
CID:302 Flywheel HP:225@0000  

1970 Sport Roof
This beast has a 351 Cleveland, 4 spd,3:91 gears,shaker,slats, big cam and is a blast to drive. I have had it for 6 years now and enjoy every second of it.  
1/4 Mile:13.00 MPH:108.00 60ft:1.65 Weight:3400 CID:351  

1970 Coupe
In progress  

1970 Coupe
302, Paxton Supercharger, Edelbrock Performer RPM heads (1.90i 1.60e), Barry Grant Mighty Demon carb, Performer RPM intake, MSD Pro Billet Distributor (w/ blaster 2 coil and 6A box), 8.8 inch - 3.73 gears, AOD tranny, X-pipe, headers w/ flowmaster mufflers  
1/8 Mile:7.6 MPH:93.00 60ft:1.9 Weight:3350 CID:302  

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