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1969-1970 Mustang
The body on 1969 Mustangs was altogether different and reflected the first major change in the five year old line. The Mach 1 was introduced as a variation of the fastback of previous years. V8 power was installed in 81.5% of all '69 Mustangs. Mustangs were now all-out perforamance machines with the introduction of the Boss 302. Styling was not much different for 1970. The most potent power plant for the 1970 Mustang was the 429.
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1969 Coupe
My poor little 69 coupe had one foot in the grave 3 years ago. I've done a driving restoration on it over the last 3 years and it's pretty close to completion. It's not in any way a show car, just fun to drive and look at.  

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1969 Coupe
Still under construction. Mods completed or soon to be done: 351C with nitrous. 9" rear with posi 4:11's. Built C4 with 3000 stall converter. 750 Holley. Converted to front discs.  
CID:351 Rearwheel HP:400+

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1969 Convertable
Gets the Hot Chics car  
CID:302 Flywheel HP:230@0000 Torque:210@0000  

1970 Fastback
1970 Fastback - here goes: 351 Cleveland 4V .040 bore, TRW Flattop Pistons, Comp Cams Custom 648/634 Lift, 252/262 Dur@.050 Solid Roller Cam, 11:1 Compression, 4V Quench Heads, Comp Cams Pro Mag Roller Rockers, Manley Valves, Funnelweb III Intake w/ Stuffers, Mighty Demon 750 Carb, Hooker Super Comp Headers, Milodon Race Oil Pan, Oil Pump, Windage Tray, BEEFED UP C4, MSD Billet Distributor, Crane Hi-6 Ignition, MSD Wires, 3500 Torque Converter  

1970 Coupe
In progress  

1970 Coupe
302, Paxton Supercharger, Edelbrock Performer RPM heads (1.90i 1.60e), Barry Grant Mighty Demon carb, Performer RPM intake, MSD Pro Billet Distributor (w/ blaster 2 coil and 6A box), 8.8 inch - 3.73 gears, AOD tranny, X-pipe, headers w/ flowmaster mufflers  
1/8 Mile:7.6 MPH:93.00 60ft:1.9 Weight:3350 CID:302  

1969 Mach one
No description available.  

1969 Mach1
75 Windsor block 60 over and filled with HARDBLOK, Scat 3.85 steel crank, Scat H-Beam Rods, SRP 14.5cc dshed pistons, JE file fit rings, Race ported J-302 Head Flow 275 int. 210 ext. Comp Cam solid roller Lift .614 int. .621 ext. 252 @.05 int. 262 @.05 Ext., 10.8 to 1 compression, victor jr intake, 750 holley hp, super comp headers, msd digital 6 and blaster 2 coil. 35 spline strange axles will aluminum spool and center section. SS Brake Corp. disc brake on 4 corners, koni adjustable drag shock. Toploader 4 speed with hurst compition shifter.  
1/4 Mile:11.28 MPH:121.6 60ft:1.56 Weight:3400 CID:398 Flywheel HP:560@6200 Torque:520@4200  

1969 Coupe
My new ride! I'm just getting to know her. 3400 bucks! Now it's just a 302 with a performer 4 barrel setup, but hooker comps and svo aluminum heads are in the mail. I will be ditching the hood for a shaker setup I have. The interior needs help too, but it works for now. Potential.....  
1/4 Mile:?.00 CID:302 Rearwheel HP:???@0000 Torque:???@0000  

1969 fastback
No description available.  
CID:395 Flywheel HP:425@6000  

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