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The Ford Torino was produced by the Ford motor company from 1968 to 1976. The Torino was created to eventually replace the very popular Fairlane name with an all new brand of Ford beauty, power and style. Although Ford still used the Fairlane name up through 1971, the Torino name was used on most body styles.
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1971 cobra
351c 4speed 456 gears gilmer belt drive and a hundred other things  
1/4 Mile:11.73 MPH:119.00 60ft:1.63 CID:351 Flywheel HP:493@6200  

1970 Torino GT
1970 Ford Torino GT, documented 429 Super Cobra Jet car. one of only 241 GT's factory built with the Drag pack package. The almost stock looking 429 SCJ now features .60 over speed pro 10.5 compression pistons, Comp cam 570/570 lift, 236/236 @.05 duration, S.V.T. roller rockers, 800 cfm double pumper Holley carburetor and Flame thrower ignition system. She still retains her stock Super Cobra Jet intake manifold and heads. Exhaust consist of full 2 1/2 inch pipes hooked-up to Hooker Super comp headers and DynoMAX Super Turbo mufflers, C6 automatic transmission and 3.91 track lock rearend.  
1/4 Mile:13.29 MPH:105 Weight:4200 CID:429 Flywheel HP:463@5300 Torque:515@3400  

1972 Gran Torino
This and another 73 are now in the works to be fixed up and made to look original once again.  

1970 Cobra SCJ Dragpack
The car came from the factory with the 429 SCJ dragpack. I built a 521ci with cj iron heads I ported myself. It has victor dominator hidden under a factory shaker. 12.5 to 1 compression, solid roller 272/284 @ .050 duration. It has a 4 speed toploader with a Mcleod sintered iron clutch and 4.33 gear detroit locker. Has caltracs and rancho adjustable shocks out back. The times listed were run with 10.5 x 28 Mickey Thompson ET Drag slicks. I only have about 4 passes on it so far and I think it still has the potential for quicker and faster times.  
1/4 Mile:10.51 MPH:132.5 60ft:1.55 Weight:4050 CID:521  

1973 Gran Torino Sport
1973 Gran Torino Sport. Factory Q code. Originally medium bright yellow with brown vinyl top and ginger interior. Converted to 1972 front clip, painted 1971 dark ivy metallic, replaced with black interior.  

1969 cobra
69' Torino pro-street. Fun street car.It has a 460 bored 30 over,C-6 w/3800 stall,4.88 gears w/moser axles and locker,MSD ign. and auto-meter gauges.Ran it on the track for the first time at "Ford Fever" in Md.  
1/4 Mile:12.09 MPH:110.78 60ft:1.66 Weight:4000 CID:460  

1970 GT J code
Purchased in 1985 for $2700 bucks, I am the 2nd owner and restored it with all nos parts on a 70k original car. Has buckets, console, rimblow, tach, tinted glass, oil cooler, sport slats, magnums(original, no repops) lasers, also oem Ford. This car was featured in a few magazines as well as a Fords 100th anniversary car in Dearborn in 2003. I drag raced this car up until about 4 years ago, runs low 12"s, looks stock, little help in the heads by Fedderly, of John Force fame. Currently doing a 71 m code air rag from Texas. It will also get all nos hideaways plus all the other options.  
1/4 Mile:12.40 MPH:112.00 60ft:1.69 Weight:3900 CID:429 Flywheel HP:550@6200  

1968 GT Sportroof
68.5 Original Torino GT Cobra Jet. VIN marked driveline. 3:91 factory Tac-Lok. Very rare, fast American Muscle.  
CID:428 Flywheel HP:335@5400 Torque:440@3500  

1970 429 cobra jet
No description available.  
Rearwheel HP:370  

1974 Gran Torino
26,000 original miles i had it repainted and I put a black vynle roof on instead of white. Other than that its all original. I would like to get a hood with a scoop or just put one on the hood thats on the car now.  

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