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The Ford Torino was produced by the Ford motor company from 1968 to 1976. The Torino was created to eventually replace the very popular Fairlane name with an all new brand of Ford beauty, power and style. Although Ford still used the Fairlane name up through 1971, the Torino name was used on most body styles.
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No description available.  

1972 Gran Torino Sport
Ford Gran Torino -72. sold in sweden 72-08-13 one of 2 sold in sweden this year  
CID:460 Flywheel HP:420@0000  

1972 Gran Torino Sport
This is a Gran torino Sport with a 351-C,Bored .030's, 9.8:1 comp. Crane Cam 284H .554 lift 228 dur at.050,Edelbrock performer intake, Holley 4160 750CFM. C6, 3.70 posi.!!WRECKED!!!! click here for details http://www.geocities.com/randystorino/accident.html  
1/4 Mile:15.56 MPH:86.87 60ft:2.24 Weight:3700 CID:358  

1972 Gran Torino
This is a 72 Ford Gran Torino. It has a rebuilt 351 cleveland with Holley 750 carb,below that is an f351 edelbrock intake. What i like to call the spinal cord of the motor is the camshaft wich is an crane energizer cam with 554 lift and a duration of 228. Sending to fuel to it is a Carter mechanical fuel pump with about 5-6 psi. To keep everything in order is a Cloyes double roller timing chain. Behind the beast is a 3k stall converter mated to a 3spd c4 tranny with a stage 1 shift kit. And at the end of the car is a stock rearend(waiting for 373's).  
CID:351 Rearwheel HP:300@5000 Torque:300@3500  

69 gt
1969 gt fastback
my 69 gt fastback, came with a 351 and fmx trans pulled it out stuffed in a 427 side oiler with a c6 tranny now it moves real good  

1974 Gran Torino Elite
1974 gran torino elite. Picked it up around 3 years ago from a local consignment shop. They guy had it sitting out back for about 3 years, and nobody would buy it. I eventually picked it up for $1500, in the shape you see now. All it needed to get on the road were brake lines. Just a lucky break i guess haha.  

1972 Gran Torino Sport
Just the other side  

1973 Gran Torino Sport
This is the "MATE" to what I have ... Mine is in Many parts.. Getting frame powder coated. New body mounts. I am in need of a set of bumpers.. Also, a console "BLACK" .. I would be VERY THANKFUL for Any help ....  

1970 Torino Cobra
1970 Torino Cobra 429CJ 4spd 3.50 gear with Black bucket int and console full ram air shaker and louvers great medium green metallic and magnums plus my dog buck at the wheel  
CID:429 Rearwheel HP:375@0000  

1972 Gran Torino Sport
1972 Gran Torino Sport Fastback, 351 Cobra jet 4 speed. Purchased in 2001 and restored over a 4 year period.  
CID:351 Rearwheel HP:405@6000  

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