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Ford Trucks
This category is proof that it's not just Ford cars that exemplify the meaning FordMuscle. Whether it's a rock crawling Bronco, supercharged Lightning, or anything in between, we want to see you show it off here!
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2004 F150 STX ext cab
My daily driver F150. She s a good replacement for my old 79 F150 4x4 that I had a few years ago. Runs excellent, great in snow and comfy as hell  

Jerry Hall
1964 Ford F 600
This 1964 F600 is a new build for the nostalgia fx era. I designed and built this ride to haul my 1964 comet afx altered wheelbase replica funny car. 110% original drive train, 60,000 original miles ,hits the road slick as a whistle.....driving truck to orlando for PRI show with comet display....  
CID:292 Rearwheel HP:128 Torque: 4500  

1966 F100
66 F100 on 1999 Mercury Mountanier frame. http://www.deliquescence.net/~tyler/j_66_ford_pu/j_66_ford_pu.htm  

1966 Ford F100
There is my 66 Ford F100 pickup. Has a built 302 with a built C4 tranny (2200-2500 Coan stall conv., Shift kit, etc etc). I plan to repaint it again but not sure the color or the look I am going for. Wheels and tires will be next.  

1975 1975 Ford F-250 Highboy
A 1975 ford f-250 that i recently purchased wich was gone through 7-8 years ago and has 10,000 miles on new motor with lots of extras. its purple, no im not a k-state fan but i do like the color. i had a 77 f100 short bed that i sold some years ago and kicked myself for it many times . then this came along at the right time and i got it at a great price  

Pur Pony
1996 Limited Explorer
Stock block 302, E-303 cam, Roller rockers, double timing chain, Stainless headers, dual flowmaster exhaust, Off-road h-pipe, 9lb powerdyne supercharger, MSD ign, superchip, 77mm Pro-M, 42lb injectors, aero fuel rails, aero fuel reg, t-rex in-line, etc.... Lowered 1 1/2", Edelbrock shocks, 17x9 Chrome Cobra Rs , Pirelli tires, 2001 front bumper/grille, pilot lights, clear corners, speed grille, saleen decals, carbon fiber dash kit, boost/fuel pressure/oil/temp autometer gauges, .... and much more.... FOR SALE (CT)- saleenlimited2@yahoo.com  
CID:302 Rearwheel HP:325@0000  

1969 Ford F-100
Nothing special , but it can run!...Its a 400ci enging with a racing cam, and a 650 4 barrel carb...shaved door handles, and purple/silver paint job...  
1/4 Mile:13.00 MPH:120.00 Weight:4200 CID:400 Rearwheel HP:400@0000 Torque:550@0000  

1931 model A
model A ford truck in the build. all original and hopes of a mild rod later  

1995 f-150 xlt
95 ford f150. 4" lift and 33s. everything that jegs sells for under the hood is there. drive train has been modified as well. has custom exhaust from headers back being true duals.lots of mods. =) the interior is 2 tone same color as the exterior of the truck. had the truck since 97 and go to local cruz-ins. give a mod'ed honda butt whippns on a reqular and enjoy driving it every chance i get..  

1974 Courier
too many mods to list see my website for more info!  
Weight:2400 CID:306  

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