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Traditionally Mercury's were a bit more luxurious than their Ford counterparts, but almost every Mercury was built on a Ford chassis and powered by a Ford drivetrain. Entirely accepted by all at Ford club events, Mercury products are a large part of the FordMuscle readership.
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1967 Comet 202
Replaced the little 200 I6 for a 1977 302 Granada block, +.030, KB Pistons, Holley carb from a 1966 390GT motor, Edylborck Performer RPM intake, Heads from a 1968 351W w/port matching, Summitracing 3201 cam kit, Crane roller tip rockers, equilizer tube/h-pipe, and 2-1/2" Flowmaster 40 series mufflers. It ran the 1/4 with 2.79 gears and a beat up C-4, it's got 3.55's now, with a 4-speed toploader, should run a LOT better now, but no tracks near by.  
1/4 Mile:16.1 MPH:87 CID:302  

1962 Monterey S55
This was an origanl my aunt bought in 62, i had it brought down from Seattle to San Diego and you can see it on the 101 during the weekends. I have a new top, Disk Brakes and Billet rims on it now.  

1969 Cougar XR7
No description available.  

1964 Monterey Convertible
All stock Shipped from Indianapolis back to New Zealand in 2003.  

1969 Cougar
Mercury Cougar -69 with a tuned up 400 cid, about 300 hp  
CID:400 Rearwheel HP:300  

1972 Montego MX
Picked up in Fresno, Ca for $400. Runs, now the subject of FordMuscle Project MX. We'll save it and make a dependable driver out of it with minimal investment.  

1965 comet cyclone
my cool ride, and my frist car since 1980 while in the army  

1967 Cyclone GT
1967 Mercury Cyclone GT. Cinnomon Frost paint, 390 GT, 4-speed, front disc brakes. Very fun car to drive.  

1967 Monterey Convertible
Top down cruisin' is what its all about!!! 140k Miles, No rust, Factory interior, rebuilt 390 & C6 Tranny. Plans are to hotrod it just a bit; Add some Polished aluminum goodies to the engine bay for shows, and Just drive it!!!  
CID:390 Rearwheel HP:275@0000 Torque:325@0000  

1966 Comet Cyclone GT. Convt
My 66 Comet Cyclone Gt. Convt. The car has given me and my friends alot of fun cruising on Saturday nights in Down town Atlanta. I don't abuse it to much. Got to much money in it to do that! Just a blast to drive and to show a car that you rarely see. I drove it to Charolett Motor speed way for the big car show and it was the only one! It drew a huge crowd with lots of questions. And lots of offers;))) I don't think I will be parting with it soon. Those are 17 inch billet custom Ordered wheels from Bozeman alloys. They really set the car off. 4 wheel disc. 30 gal fuel tank. Greg McCord  
CID:428 Rearwheel HP:485@5000 Torque:500@4200  

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