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Traditionally Mercury's were a bit more luxurious than their Ford counterparts, but almost every Mercury was built on a Ford chassis and powered by a Ford drivetrain. Entirely accepted by all at Ford club events, Mercury products are a large part of the FordMuscle readership.
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1987 Grand Marquis
My Mercury Grand Marquis 1987, police version.Since 1991 in Czech Republic (Eastern Europe). Engine 302cui with EFI.Exhaust from Flowmaster,suspension Bildstein,brake from Mustang 1995.  
MPH:148.00 CID:302 Rearwheel HP:260@3000  

1964 Parklane Marauder
1964 Mercury Parklane 4 door H/T (Marauder) Buckets/DLX AC/ Auto floor shifter and power seat and windows. White int, Bittersweet out. Over all in very good shape. Less then 400 H/T parklane 4 door with buckets made less then half have floor shifters. Or so I have been told  
CID:390 Rearwheel HP:300@4600 Torque:427@2800  

1964 Comet Caliente
'64 2dr HT, mild 302, AOD w/3K converter  
1/4 Mile:15.7 MPH:88.00 CID:306  

1951 mercury
in the build. converting from a moredoor to a tudor. plans are a 50 back window, top chop, 53 desoto grill and dash, 54 mercury taillights, 54 ford front fender lips, 5.0 HO fuel injection/AOD combo, 9 inch rear, camaro stubframe up front, with a set of skirts. stay tooned  

1982 Capri
This is my wifes show car-82 Mercury Capri. It is painted Iris Metallic,black cloth interior,etched roses on the side quarter glass & "Wild Iris Rose" across the top of the windshield. It has Saleen Mustang side skirts & rear deck wing. "Wild Iris Rose " is hand lettered across the wing. It looks like a 5.0 but its actually powered by a 250ci straight 6. It has 15 X 7 5-spoke aluminum wheels with BFG Touring TA radials.  

1964 Comet Cyclone
No description available.  

1970 Cyclone GT
this is my newly aquired 1970 mercury cyclone GT. 351c 4bbl, FMX Tranny, 9" rear with 3.00 gears with trac-loc. Was sittin in a pasture since 81. Got it from my neighbor I've known since i was about 6. Got it for 1500. Has surface rust on roof, hood and rear deck lid, still has a/c hooked up, and everything but the a/c works so far works. Got it running this past weekend. and it runs great but have to rebuild carb.  
CID:351 Rearwheel HP:300  

1964 Comet Caliente
1964 Comet Caliente Hookers, Demon carb, Edlebrock intake, Mallory Dist, 2.5 pipes, 1.125 swaybars, reworked suspension and some dressup stuff like Ford Racing aluminum covers, American Racing wheels, Alpine, etc.  

1967 Cougar XR-7
351W with all the usual goodies :), C-4 3,000 stall, 9" DL 3.70 gear. 4W PDB, PS, tilt wheel. Just a nice street/strip kitty!  
1/4 Mile:12.69 MPH:104.52 60ft:1.74 Weight:? CID:351  

1987 Grand Marquis
No description available.  
1/4 Mile:11.48 MPH:116 60ft:1.58 Weight:3250 CID:347 Rearwheel HP:500@6500  

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