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Traditionally Mercury's were a bit more luxurious than their Ford counterparts, but almost every Mercury was built on a Ford chassis and powered by a Ford drivetrain. Entirely accepted by all at Ford club events, Mercury products are a large part of the FordMuscle readership.
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1965 comet cyclone
my cool ride, and my frist car since 1980 while in the army  

1964 Comet Caliente
SC 3.8 5speed, 9in rear 3.50s by sping 08. Interior is in transition from early 70's custom. Fresh base clear on exterior 03 body stock except rear wheel wells are front fender openings streched 3". Owned since 74, was originally 289 4gear car when I bought it. Put in a 71 351C 4speed and went drag racin through the 70's. Mini tubbed in 80 and was primarily prostreet till 85 stored it for a year, turned out to be 15 yrs! 00 pulled it out and it ran good as ever and in 02 decided to do it over again! So, here we are!  
CID:3.8 Rearwheel HP: 210@0000 Torque: 315@0000  

1966 Comet Cyclone GT. Convt
My 66 Comet Cyclone Gt. Convt. The car has given me and my friends alot of fun cruising on Saturday nights in Down town Atlanta. I don't abuse it to much. Got to much money in it to do that! Just a blast to drive and to show a car that you rarely see. I drove it to Charolett Motor speed way for the big car show and it was the only one! It drew a huge crowd with lots of questions. And lots of offers;))) I don't think I will be parting with it soon. Those are 17 inch billet custom Ordered wheels from Bozeman alloys. They really set the car off. 4 wheel disc. 30 gal fuel tank. Greg McCord  
CID:428 Rearwheel HP:485@5000 Torque:500@4200  

Caliente Kid
1964 Comet Caliente
1964 comet caliente..purchased new in 1964 with my Dad... got the car back from a family member about 2 yrs ago..and did a complete rebuild. All Orig except 302 engine and wheels..  

1972 Cougar XR7
351c, stock 2 barrel, fmx, 3:00 lock.  
1/8 Mile:10.35 MPH:68 CID:351  

1965 Caliente
Original paint with nice patina, restored red interior, bone stock original .040 289 with factory 4bbl carb and intake. Dual 2.5 exhaust with Flowmasters (a bit overkill, but I have future plans for a 331 stroker). Halibrand front skinnies with BFG Silvertown bias plys. Mopar (yikes!) 15x8 inch rear steel rims (they happen to have the perfect offset) with 235 60 15 rear tires.  

1965 Comet Caliente
351W bored .030 over.Stock 69' 4 bbl heads with good valve job. Edelbrock aluminum intake, Edelbrock 600. C-4 tranny with 8" rear that has 4.11 spool.  
1/4 Mile:13.59 MPH:96 60ft:1.79 Weight:3200 CID:351  

1963 Monterey 2Dr
460 bored .060,line bored,decked, ported(exhaust side) gasket matched head/intake, Edelbrock intake/750 carb,270h comp cam, balanced,flat top hyperutectic pistons,2" primary tube hedders into flowmaster 3 chamber 40 mufflers. Backed by a C-6 trans. This is a great street machine. The entire car is owner built, only the machine work was farmed out.  
Weight:3910 CID:472  

1967 Cougar
It's a twenty-over, CC solid roller cam, stock crankshaft 351 WINDSOR with a C-4, 4.22 rearend ratio, full interior (with bench seat), slapper bars, 9" slicks, and no NOS or fiberglass except the Ford scoop. Recently I replaced the dated aftermarket cast iron heads (ran a best of 10.91) for some contemporary AFR 205 heads. The heads alone dropped nearly 2/10's off of the ET and added six MPH. It revs so quickly now with the new AFR's, I had to change the gear ratio from the 4.40's to 4.22's to keep the trap RPM down so that the stock crank would live a little longer. 393 in the future  
1/4 Mile:10.78 MPH:126.01 60ft:1.54 Weight:2950 CID:351 Rearwheel HP:???@0000 Torque:???@0000  

1978 Cougar XR7
Unrestored original surviver car with 16,322 miles. Black with red leather interior. Loaded with options.  
CID:400 Rearwheel HP:175@0000  

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