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Traditionally Mercury's were a bit more luxurious than their Ford counterparts, but almost every Mercury was built on a Ford chassis and powered by a Ford drivetrain. Entirely accepted by all at Ford club events, Mercury products are a large part of the FordMuscle readership.
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1970 Cyclone CJ
1970 Cyclone Cj 429Cobrajet with C-6 and N case 3.50 Trac-loc 31 spline axles.Comp yellow with Black interior no consoleshifter on column and full guage pac.Has just turned 43K actual miles and motor never out of car.Had only guide seals done at 38K and runs great  
1/4 Mile:15.80 MPH:90.06 60ft:2.4 Weight:4360 CID:429  

1967 Cougar Standard
I bought this for $400. It's 99% rust free. I've added a PerformerRPM intake, 600 Edelbrock 4bbl, Flowtech headers with glasspacks, and a full set of Keystone Klassics.  

Jerry Hall
1964 comet altered wheelbase afx
1964 altered wheel base afx funny car replica. 514 stroker/c6/5000 stall/ 488 9in, spool/ no electronics old school. 1/8 mile et soft run mid 6's . Exhibition only to raise money for special kids thru cars for kids .This car has never made an all out run. Can be seen regularly 2010 at cars for kids accelaquarter raceway park Harrisburg,Ill. Car will not be used for any purpose except raising money for special need kids thru exhibition . She is riding my 1964 hauler to orlando for the PRI show where she will be displayed.  
1/8 Mile:na Weight:2880 CID:292 Rearwheel HP:650/700  

1969 Cougar
No description available.  

1965 Comet
Taken apart and in a million pieces...............one day!!  

1968 302 Standard
This is my baby! 1 owner car, (sort of). My mom's first car bought new by her in 1968. I'm putting all my spare change into ot to make it phoenix's coolest resto-mods.  
CID:302 Flywheel HP:290@6000 Torque:380@5500  

1963 comet s-22 hardtop
I bought car with no motor or drivetrain. now has mild 351w,toploader 4speed.car will be hugger orange.Has 4wheel perf. disc brakes.Also getting 17x9 front rims and 17x10.5 rims for rear.I will be mini-tibbing it shortly to fit at least 275/40/17 in rear.I am going to put in a 9" or 8.8" axle, probably with ladderbars and coilovers.Car has orig. 8" with 3.50 gears now.  
CID:351 Rearwheel HP:300@0000 Torque:330@0000  

1964 Marauder 2dr

2003 Marauder
2003 Marauder with a Trilogy Motorsports Supercharger kit http://www.trilogyintnl.com 4:10's, methanol injection, other stuff  
CID:4.6 Rearwheel HP:395@5200 Torque:390@4800  

1974 Comet GT
No description available.  
1/8 Mile:6.08 MPH:113 60ft:1.37 Weight:3178 CID:347  

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