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The Falcon was offered from 1960 through 1970, it was available in two door and four door sedans, station wagons, two door hardtops, convertibles, sedan deliveries and Rancheros. The Mustang evolved from the development of the Falcon. Some say, if there was not a Falcon, the Mustang would have not been created.
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1964 Futura
A 64 Futura, with a basically stock 289 in it. kinda blew it up at the begining of the season, so when it gets the new motor and timed there will be an up-date  
1/4 Mile:13.60 MPH:96.00 CID:289  

1965 futura
No description available.  
CID:347 Rearwheel HP:565@7800 Torque:600@7500  

1965 Futura
Swedish Competition Eliminator A/A Ford Falcon 814 cuin Ford Hemi (powerglide) 9,5" rear American Racing wheels Hoosier 33,5x17x16 rear Weld Aluma Star front The car 25:1e chassi built by owner Mats and Stefan Steel body except front and doors fiberglass  
1/4 Mile:7,34 MPH:188 60ft:1,07 Weight:2600 CID:814 Flywheel HP:1550+ Torque:lot`s of  

1965 4-door sedan
this is my wifes 65 Falcon that I bought for $600 & gave it to her for her birthday. It has a 6 cyl. with 3 speed on the column.It was sitting in a barn for 5 1/2 yrs. I got it home & rebuilt the entire brake system,installed all new tune up parts,& it started right up. It does need the front seat recovered & a new clutch,but it does drive down the road---hey what do you expect for $600.I do have a set of Vector style rims(like the Dukes of Hazzard Charger)for it that have raised white letter tires on them.  

No description available.  

1965 futura 2dr hardtop
289 bored 30 over with flat tops.erson 284 adv. dur .488 lift hyd. cam,weiand stealth intake,holley 600 carb, automatic c-4w/stock converter and stock 2.80 rear gear.  
1/4 Mile:15.54 MPH:90.00 60ft:2.37 Weight:3000 CID:289  

1999 AUI HO Interceptor
No description available.  
CID:270 Rearwheel HP:380@4000  

1972 XA coupe, Fairmont
Nothing too special spec wise - C4 trans, mild 351 Cleveland with 600 Holley (I recently replaced the old 302). All of the hard work on the body was done by the previous owner.  

My 61 Falcon currently has a 170 2 speed combo. I am collecting all necessary parts to swap a 302/T5/8" combo. It will also include Granada disk swap and Geo booster.  

1963 Futura Convertible
Dart 351W stroked to 427. Ati procharger F1-R, Fuel injected, Aeromotive throughout 10AN feed lines. 72# injectors, Dart heads, full roller motor. AOD with trans brake, full manual valve body. 4 link rear. Electric windows, electric trunk release, Viper Silver Metalic with Ghost flames.  
CID:427 Flywheel HP:650@6500 Torque:685@6800  

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