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Ford Trucks
This category is proof that it's not just Ford cars that exemplify the meaning FordMuscle. Whether it's a rock crawling Bronco, supercharged Lightning, or anything in between, we want to see you show it off here!
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1959 F100
Stock 223 L6 three on the tree  

1965 f100
My 1965 f100 is home buit, Im 20 and do all my own work, I do all my painting and body work as well as mechanical. I built a 390 with, a forged crank,forged pistons, melling oil pump, comp cam 110 lobe 286@ 5o percent, comp pushrods, harland sharp roller rockers, milodon gear drive, new 72cc heads dual spring,chrome valve cover and oil pan, K&N breathers on valve covers, and a summit racing street fighter C-6 with a 2600 stall. The truck has 22" rims and 13" air ride suspension. 8 " C notches in the rear to allow the truck to be lowered. Corvette buckets and IDIDIT steering.  
CID:390 Rearwheel HP:500@0000 Torque:428@0000  

1968 f250
Im 19 not much cash slowly building this baby up bought her for $400.00 she has a 390 2 wheel drive still has th e original split rims on would love advice on how to fix heer up  
MPH:90.00 Weight:1500  

1966 Ford F100
There is my 66 Ford F100 pickup. Has a built 302 with a built C4 tranny (2200-2500 Coan stall conv., Shift kit, etc etc). I plan to repaint it again but not sure the color or the look I am going for. Wheels and tires will be next.  

1976 1976 F-250 4X4 Highboy
No description available.  

2004 F150 STX ext cab
My daily driver F150. She s a good replacement for my old 79 F150 4x4 that I had a few years ago. Runs excellent, great in snow and comfy as hell  

1971 F-250 4X4
I have had this truck almost 20 years. 390, 4-speed, 4X4. Converted power steering and front discs from a 78 F-250 4X4. Paint is grabber green with an upside down 69 Boss 302 stripe, and blacked out hood. It's my Muscle Truck. Great in the mountains and a true work horse.  

1957 F100
My F100 has a front clip and rear end from a '76 Lincoln Continental w/460, c6, power steering and power disc brakes.  

1994 Ford F150 4x4
its all stock besides the 31s i have one it. it has a 300 I6  

1975 1975 Ford F-250 Highboy
A 1975 ford f-250 that i recently purchased wich was gone through 7-8 years ago and has 10,000 miles on new motor with lots of extras. its purple, no im not a k-state fan but i do like the color. i had a 77 f100 short bed that i sold some years ago and kicked myself for it many times . then this came along at the right time and i got it at a great price  

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