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Ever since the first production model was built in 1954, the Thunderbird's appeal has spread from its American roots all over the world. For the best part of 42 years, the ever-evolving "T-Bird" has been adored by everyone from surfers to US presidents.
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1989 Super Coupe
What can I say? She's red and VERY fast!!!  
CID:232 Rearwheel HP:210@4400 Torque:315@2800  

55 f350
1995 lx
this is my 200 dollar " turd bird " as the grandkids call it . bought it for a beater while my 53 is down , and have concoted some ideas 'bout it afterwards . 4.6 , automatic runs really hard , the air even works , just looks bad . warped front rotors and needs tires but what do ya want for the money ..........  

1993 LX
This 93 LX has been heavily modified in the engine/transmission area, running a DSS 331 with Arao B2 32-valve heads and a Kenne Bell Blowzilla running at 10psi. The transmission is a Select-Shift unit from a 2003 Thunderbird, and is mated to the engine with a custom bellhousing and a 2400 stall converter, both from Iowa Overdrive. A custom driveshaft was built by Denny's Driveshaft. In October the car will receive it's first test at the strip. The previous dragstrip results are in stock trim with a 3.08:1 differential.  
1/4 Mile:16.06 MPH:87.65 60ft:1.60 Weight:3755 CID:331 Flywheel HP:633@5500 Torque:604@5500  

No description available.  
1/4 Mile:13.74 MPH:099.98 Weight:3000 CID:289  

1972 2-door Coupe
429 Thunderjet, 4-barrel carburetor, C6 Automatic, Factory Non-A/C, AM Radio, Manual Seats and Windows, Black cloth interior, Full Wheel Covers, Vinyl Roof, 76000 Miles, P/Front Disc Brakes, P/Steering, Repainted Seafoam Aqua Metallic (was originally grey).  

1990 SC
No description available.  

The first time I saw the car it was sitting in my wifes uncles garage under a pile of boxes and things. I found out it had been there for over 14 years, and he had owned it for over 25 years. I fell in love..... We were lucky enough to get the car from him this past April and after many late nights in the garage this is how it turned out. The motor is the next thing on the list.  

1965 landau
No description available.  

1993 tube chassis drag car
tube chassis car I built myself at home. usually run S/ST in NHRA div 1.  
1/4 Mile:09.92 MPH:137.00 60ft:1.37 Weight:2650 CID:408 Rearwheel HP:540@6400  

1966 Landau Hard Top
She's obviously still under construction.... Just got done rebuilding the engine with all performance parts..... yet to put the front end back together....  
CID:395 Rearwheel HP:400@0000 Torque:475@0000  

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