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The Ford Torino was produced by the Ford motor company from 1968 to 1976. The Torino was created to eventually replace the very popular Fairlane name with an all new brand of Ford beauty, power and style. Although Ford still used the Fairlane name up through 1971, the Torino name was used on most body styles.
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1970 Cobra
Running a 460 with 75cc Edelbrock heads Zero deck height block TRW forged pistons for a comp ratio of 10.1:1 dumping into 2 flowmasters, Comp Cams XE274H 230/236 duration, 562/565 lift, Weiand Stealth(Reason for GT hood), Harland Sharp Rockers, MSD Ignition, 750 Holley reworked by "The Carb Shop", CJ rods With ARP bolts, Machine work by Dougan's Racing Engines and Pettis performance, backed up by a C6 trans with a Transgo shift kit and a 9" rear with 3.25(I use 3.73 at the Track)Trac loc Gears. It's a Torque Monster.  
1/4 Mile:13.25 MPH:105.00 60ft:1.95 Weight:4100 CID:460 Rearwheel HP:365@5500 Torque:580@2500  

1971 Torino 500
Planned suspension upgrade, heavy duty springs, frt/rr sway bars-KYB schock. Engine .03 over bore, mill heads, complete engine rebuild with Boss 351 cam and compression spec's.  

1975 Elite
Rare factory 460 big-block car; mechanically perfect, cosmetically challenged. Finally found a sheetmetal donor so bodywork is next on the agenda, followed by a 521 engine build.  

1972 Gran Torino Squire wagon
No description available.  

1972 Gran Torino Sport
1972 Gran Torino Sport. "Q" code cleveland top loader 4 speed. Now a 408 stroker, solid roller cam, 11+:1 compression ratio, funnelweb intake, Holley DP, etc.. Excellent throttle response and tremendous torque. HP is 425+ to the rear tires.  

This car has been in my family longer than me, and I was born in 1972. It has a stroked engine with aluminum heads with full roller rockers, MSD ignition with billet aluminum distributor,full length headers into a Flowmaster 2 1/2" exhaust. My father and I have done the work on it. We love our FORD.  
CID:347 Flywheel HP:380@0000  

1974 Gran Torino
This was my first car I ever owned and was my grandfathers car before he passed away. I started work on this (against my parents better judgement at the time) at age 17. It unfortunately took some wear years ago when my ex-wife didn't like me working on it. Well she hasn't been registered since 2002 but it's time to bring her back!!!  

1970 Formal Roof
New runnin project, slowly building it up. Just got a gt hood and will be mounting it soon! The wheels will also be done next....I need some meat on there! Performer manifold with 650 edelbrock mounted.  

1968 GT Fastback
Just your basic 390cid/C6 automatic trans Torino GT. Only mods are MSD ignition and coil.  

1972 Gran Sport
.03 over 351C using Lunati bracketmaster cam, isky springs, retainers & locks, SpeedPro 10.7 forged pistons, Mallory dp dist, fp regulator, Torker w/ holley 4010 750, NOS Cheater series runnin 125 shot, 4V open chambers gasket matched intake and epoxied and raised exhaust, 1 3/4 blackjack header to 3" Faublemaster custom mufflers. C-6 w/ Coan 10" 3500 conv and TCI manual reverse vb. 9" narrowed, gusseted, ladder w/ coil over, 35 spline Mosers w Strange full spool bolted to Zoom 5.13. Magnum500's from Wheel Vintiques rears widen to 10". M/T Sportsman Pro 29x15.5  
1/4 Mile:11.78 MPH:118 60ft:1.78 CID:357  

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