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Ford Trucks
This category is proof that it's not just Ford cars that exemplify the meaning FordMuscle. Whether it's a rock crawling Bronco, supercharged Lightning, or anything in between, we want to see you show it off here!
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1971 F100 Ranger XLT
F100 is a 7 year frame off project. ALMOST complete. 351W, C4 (truck), posi 9". Mustang was purchased in 2007, 302 4V, C4, posi 9", drop top!  

1986 F-350
1986 F-250 2X4 Converted to 4X4 using a 1993 F-350 Dana 60 Front Axle, 1970 Cobra Jet C-6 Transmission with low planetary gear set, NP205 Transfer Case, GM 10.5" 14 Bolt rear axle, all 1410 U-Joints, Power Lock Front Diff and Detroit Locker Rear. In cab Roll Cage, Atlas Leaf Springs. QMP Racing 496 Big block. 40" Goodyear MTR Tires. Owned truck since 1988 and have logged over 100,000 miles as a 2WD and an additional 156,000 miles since the conversion. Next is a E40D trans swap to see if i can improve upon the 5.8MPG it gets! Maybe a Diesel swap would be better?  
1/4 Mile:17.24 MPH:96 CID:496 Flywheel HP:513 Torque:590  

1978 F-100
This my F-100 SWB truck. Has a 400 (.030 overbore), retrofit crane hydraulic roller cam, CHI 2V heads, 3.55 rear, runs dedicated propane with dual gas research carby's and 220 litres propane capacity. Currently my daily driver.  

1961 4X4 Econoline Pickup
Oline pickup that was converted with a jeep 4X4 setup in the 60's. Runs a small block ford. A real attention getter on the road.  

1955 F100
Truck campaign during 90's in Georgia. have spent endless hours returning it to a safe and friggin blast to drive  
CID:514 Rearwheel HP:479@0000 Torque:537@0000  

1979 Bronco
Just picked it up. Removing worn out 460/c6 combo and installing mildly built 460/4 speed. Funnest truck I've ever owned.  
CID:460 Rearwheel HP:???@0000 Torque:???@0000  

1979 F150 4x4 Shortbed
9" lift with 38's  
CID:408 Flywheel HP:390 Torque:440  

1989 F-350
This 89 Ford F-350 has a 408 Stroker Motor with 500 HP & 497 Ft Lbs. Eagle stroker crank, Keith Black pistons, .030 over, heads have 2.05 intake 1.60 exhaust, PBM cam 290/300. 1.6 ratio rockers. Edelbrock Performer RPM Manifold, Holley 750 vacuum secondaries, MSD Pro Billet distributor, Blaster coil, 6AL Box. 3,200 Stall speed BTE converter, C-6 Trans,(Racing clutch packs,shift kit, custom valve body). 4.56 gears. Six inch Skyjacker suspension system, 39.5 inch TSL Super Swampers, 16.5 x 12 Weld Roadhawks. House of Kolor Kandy Apple Red Paint.  
CID:408 Rearwheel HP:400@5600 Torque:425@3600  

1978 F-150 4x4
Dove heads, crane cam, stealth intake, msd ign.  

1979 F100, Shorty, Step
My sleeper truck. Enough said. I have more money stuck in this thing trying to make it look slower than it is, than I do to make it fast, well not really.  
Weight:2900 CID:400 Rearwheel HP:450@4000 Torque:425@3200  

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