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1965-1966 Mustang
To produce an extremely popular car, with virtually no competition. That is exactly what Ford did when it began marketing the Mustang in April 1964. So, with little effort a new car was concocted using the Falcon chassis. A legend was born and the Mustang scored a world record of 418,000 sales by the end its first year of existence.
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1965 fastback
new motor coming 421cid victor headed with 2 inch header and 3.5 inch exhaust will update later mid 9s are excepted on motor only  
1/4 Mile:9.68 MPH:140 60ft:1.42 Weight:3100 CID:421  

1966 Mustang 2+2
1966 Mustang 2+2 Shelby Clone. Full Restoration (2004) 2nd restor 1st complete paint job i ever did. at Pa. College of Technology. Engine built by Penn College Race team. 289 block .030 over. 650cfm 4bbl. Heads done by PCT race team. toploader 4-speed. A real good running 66'  

1965 GT Coupe
GT Coupe--Rangoon Red w/Black Pony Interior, 393W Stroker, Wide Ratio Toploader 4-Speed, 59' 9" Rear w/ 4:11 Spool. Scat 3.85" Crank & H Beam Rods, AFR 205 heads, Probe Forged Pistons, CI Solid Roller Cam, Vic Jr. Intake, Holley 950HP DP, Duraspark, Accufab 1 3/4" Headers, 3" Dynomax Mufflers, Lakewood Scattershield, Aluminum Flywheel, Custom Sintered Iron Clutch. 68' Radiator Support, 4 Row Radiator, Monte Carlo Bar, Export Brace, Subframe Connectors, Roller Spring Perches, 6 cyl Front & Mono Leaf Rear Springs, 90/10 Front Ranchos and 9-way Ranchos in the rear.  
1/4 Mile:11.00 MPH:124.00 60ft:1.53 Weight:3500 CID:393 Rearwheel HP:~500hp  

1966 Coupe
I own this car since september '99, the old 302 from '78 is worn out and will be replaced by a standard 289. This Mustang has arconditioning, styled steel weels, am-radio, standard blue interior, and a Hipo airfilter and valvecovers. A chrome alternator will be added soon. When the engine has returned in the enginebay a heavy radiator and better fan (with thermo) will join the rest of the car.  
CID:289 Rearwheel HP:200  

1965 Fastback
331 with ported 351w heads and 282S cam. Custom 750 DP and Hurricane single plane port matched intake. GT500 style glass hood and late model mustang bullit 17x8 wheels. Complete restomod completed in June '04. T5z conversion completed Nov 05. 1980 Granada 9" 3.50 posi. Old dyno before rebuild was 335 RWHP@6400...360 RWHP goal with new rebuild.  
Weight:3050 CID:331  

1966 convertible
C-code, cruis-a-matic, a/c, power top.  

1966 Hotrod Coupe
This car started as ragged out old 6 cyl. It is fully converted to a V8 Street Rod with a 4spd, 3.50 9" posi, with a fiberglas hood and scoop and painted Blue pearlcoat. The full interior was also restored. The powerplant is a 331 stroker built around a small solid roller cam (230/236 @.050 w/.600 lift), port matched TFS heads, Stealth intake, and Holley 750 HP. It has a little noticable hood shake at idle but instantly comes to life when the gas peddle is pushed. Draws a lot of attention and is a blast to drive! :)  
1/4 Mile:11.49 MPH:116 60ft:1.65 Weight:2900 CID:331 Flywheel HP:426@5900 Torque:408@4100  

1965 Mustang Fastback
.060 289, 9.0:1 comp, cast pistons, stock bottom end w/ARP rod bolts, replica 289 hipo solid cam (.477 lift and 228 dur.@ .050 intake & exhaust), '66 289 heads w/mild port & polish, stock diameter valves w/3 angle valve job, Victor Jr. intake, Holley double pumper by TMP Carbs (with street radials I picked up approx. 5.5 mph and .5 sec. over previous "tuned" carb!),Headman headers, 2.25 inch dual exhaust w/H pipe and Flowmasters, 4.11 8" limited slip, T5 trans and front discs. All times are corrected for altitude in accordance w/track's web site.  
1/4 Mile:12.76 MPH:105.5 60ft:1.83 Weight:???? CID:289  

1965 C-Code Fastback
Currently undergoing ground up restomod.  
CID:289 Flywheel HP:160@4500 Torque:185@2500  

1965 Fastback 2+2
Currie 9" with detroit locker, 414 cu in with AFR heads. Shelby mod with adjustable strut rods.  

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