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1965-1966 Mustang
To produce an extremely popular car, with virtually no competition. That is exactly what Ford did when it began marketing the Mustang in April 1964. So, with little effort a new car was concocted using the Falcon chassis. A legend was born and the Mustang scored a world record of 418,000 sales by the end its first year of existence.
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1966 HT
3.55 gears, track lock limited slip diff.,magnaflow 2.5 inch exhaust,hooker super comp headers,T5,steeda tri-ax short throw shifter.  

1966 GT coupe
Imron Wimbledon Wht, fact GT, glass fenders, relay operated lights. Blk pony int, fact tinted glass, Rotunda 8K tach, fact AM/FM. Blueprinted 289 4bbl "A" code, JBA full lgth headers, cust 2.5" system. Cobra NHRA scattershld, Cforce clutch, Mcleod cust flywhl, cust ratio tploader. 9" Linc disc , 3:1 Tlok. Big bearing spindles, dbl adj Konis, Cure Ride r. shocks, Global West arms, 1" adj ft bar, adj ft strut rods, Shelby qck str, GW subframes, Ford export brace, 16x8 Vintage Wheels, 225x50x16 Kumho Victoracers. Boss 302 Stage III Trans Am ft brakes.  
CID:289 Rearwheel HP:240@5500  

1965 Fastback
The first car I ever owned, and still own. 331 stroker, G-force T5, 4-wheel Cobra discs, Stage 1 TFS ported heads, Speed Demon 650, 2004 Mustang seats, Shelby guage pod, Ford Bullit rims, 225/45/17 fronts, 255/40/17 rears. Ford 8" rear with 3.55's and a Powertrax no-slip diff  
CID:331 Rearwheel HP:n/a Torque:n/a  

1965 Fastback
Not quite finished but almost there. Stroked to 347, nitrous, 5 speed, 9 inch rear w/ large drums and discs up front. Can't wait to fire it up!  

1966 COUPE
No description available.  

1966 Mustang GT
Was the parent's car originally. Imron paint, fiberglass fenders, full ornamentation, pony interior, Rotunda 8 grand tach, factory AM/FM, custom geared toploader, Global West suspension front to rear, Lincoln front disc, Versailles rear, fogs replaced by aircraft landing lamps, motorcycle headlamps, prototype vintage 45 wheels  

1966 Fastback Shelby Clone
No description available.  
CID:289 Rearwheel HP:300@0000  

1965 C-Code Coupe
No description available.  

1966 convertable
302 cu in 68 j motor..two tone black and antigue gold 17x8 bullet wheels.ram air..edelbrock carb and manifold front disc brakes..pro car seats..billet tail lights..leds..hi-po manfilods flowmasters mufflers..r valance custom billet grill  
CID:302 Rearwheel HP:320@4200  

1965 Shelby GT350 Replica
We ( BB RallySport ) built this car as a Classic Tarmac Rally car to compete in Australian Rallies - we have succesfully competed at Targa Tasmania, Rally Tasmania and Classic Adelaide. The car is basically 1965 period spec with the exception of disc brakes on the rear .. 289W/Close Ratio Toploader/Disc Brake 9" with 3.7:1 Detroit Locker. It is fully race prepared including rollcage and all safety gear. It goes great and we've achieved several class wins ... It sounds awesome with the traditional Shelby style side pipes  
CID:289 Flywheel HP:400@6200  

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