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1965-1966 Mustang
To produce an extremely popular car, with virtually no competition. That is exactly what Ford did when it began marketing the Mustang in April 1964. So, with little effort a new car was concocted using the Falcon chassis. A legend was born and the Mustang scored a world record of 418,000 sales by the end its first year of existence.
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Pics coming, but nothing to show yet:)  

1965 Mustang Fastback
.060 289, 9.0:1 comp, cast pistons, stock bottom end w/ARP rod bolts, replica 289 hipo solid cam (.477 lift and 228 dur.@ .050 intake & exhaust), '66 289 heads w/mild port & polish, stock diameter valves w/3 angle valve job, Victor Jr. intake, Holley double pumper by TMP Carbs (with street radials I picked up approx. 5.5 mph and .5 sec. over previous "tuned" carb!),Headman headers, 2.25 inch dual exhaust w/H pipe and Flowmasters, 4.11 8" limited slip, T5 trans and front discs. All times are corrected for altitude in accordance w/track's web site.  
1/4 Mile:12.76 MPH:105.5 60ft:1.83 Weight:???? CID:289  

1965 C-Code Fastback
Currently undergoing ground up restomod.  
CID:289 Flywheel HP:160@4500 Torque:185@2500  

1965 Fastback 2+2
Currie 9" with detroit locker, 414 cu in with AFR heads. Shelby mod with adjustable strut rods.  

Summer time daily driver. This was was built in Dearborn on my 17th birthday! I bought it a couple of years ago from the fellow who's had it for 30+ years and had done some research early on to find the actual build date. 302 ci with Stealth Intake, 600 cfm Edelbrock carb;recurved distributor with Pertronix Ingnitor;Dual exhaust with hipo exhaust manifolds; T5 trans; 3.40:1 Ford posi; SSBC disc front disc brakes; 1" front & 3/4" rear sway bars; Monte Carlo bar & export brace; Procar rally seats.  

1966 Coupe
This is the parts car that I picked up in Alabama using e-bay. It's never been wrecked in the back so it'll make a great donor car for my 65 'stang restoration...take a look at my blue '65. This car had a 302/auto in it when I bought it, but it started life as a 6 cyl/auto car. I rebuilt the motor and put it in my truck. Now, I'm gonna cut it in half and use the back half to fix my '65. Wish me luck!  

1966 Coupe
302CID,351 Heads, Solid Lifters, Roller Rockers, T-5, 9" rear with 3:70 Tru-Trac, Hookers, Flow Masters, Edelbrock RPM Performer, 600 Holley, Petronix Flamethrower, Crane Cam  

1965 2+2
Dynamic C4, 5800 Stall, Brake, 9" 4.33, 750 cfm Race Demon. Check out the dyno run on Hemmings.com Musclepalooza II day 2 opening scene.  
1/4 Mile:10.99 MPH:121.52 60ft:1.50 Weight:3310 CID:349 Flywheel HP:500@7200 Torque:450@5300  

1966 Coupe
I'm the original owner and the car was my daily driver until about 1995. It has over 500,000 miles on it. Over the years I have added: 351w/ported heads/Isky 268 cam/ headers/Edelbrock carb/Pertronix ign. T5 trans. Suspension : TCP r&p,upper a-arms. Dropped a-arms. GT springs w/ Gabrial Strider shocks. Shelby front valence w/ fiberglass bumpers. Recaro seats. Wilwood 12" brakes. 16" wheels. SSBC rear disks. 1" front & 3/4" rear sway bar. Subframe connecters.  
CID:351 Flywheel HP:350  

1965 Fastback 2+2
Ford Racing Block,347 stroker,10.7:1, Ed Curtis Custom Ground Hydrolic Rollor cam, Ported Edelbrock Victor Jr. Heads, 2.05 x 1.60, Victor jr. intake fully ported (not just gasket matched) Meziere 55 gph Electric water pump, Be-Cool radiator w/Spal electric fan, MSD Digital 6, MSD Billit Distributer, Hooker Super Comp headers, 3' exhaust, Dr X. Gas Pipe and Spintech Mufflers, Performance Automatic c-4 reverse manual valve body, Coan 8" 4000 stall.... Motor was built for about 500 flywheel horsepower and run in the area of 11.20's...Headed to the track soon...  

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