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The Ford Torino was produced by the Ford motor company from 1968 to 1976. The Torino was created to eventually replace the very popular Fairlane name with an all new brand of Ford beauty, power and style. Although Ford still used the Fairlane name up through 1971, the Torino name was used on most body styles.
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This car has been in my family longer than me, and I was born in 1972. It has a stroked engine with aluminum heads with full roller rockers, MSD ignition with billet aluminum distributor,full length headers into a Flowmaster 2 1/2" exhaust. My father and I have done the work on it. We love our FORD.  
CID:347 Flywheel HP:380@0000  

1974 Gran Torino
This was my first car I ever owned and was my grandfathers car before he passed away. I started work on this (against my parents better judgement at the time) at age 17. It unfortunately took some wear years ago when my ex-wife didn't like me working on it. Well she hasn't been registered since 2002 but it's time to bring her back!!!  

1976 Gran Torino Brougham
Early days with this car so am deciding on the final look and what to do with the engine & tranmission. Edlebrock Performer carb and inlet manifold, MSD ignition & distributor. Also had a custom made twin stainless steel exhaust made, but having trouble finding headers over here (England) that are listed for this car. Looking at changing the heads and cam before moving on to the torque coverter and axle ratio.  

1971 Ford Torino GT Convertible
1971 FORD TORINO G.T. VERY RARE 1971 Ford Torino GT, Convertible, only 1,613 produced that year, C-4 automatic, complete original 351C 4V motor re-build, bucket seat console, ALL new interior carpet to convertible top, newer tires, original magnum 500 wheels, factory AIR CONDITIONING, power steering, power disk brakes, power top with glass window, factory GT hood, this is nice car, drives fantastic, very realiable, SUPER RARE  

1968 GT Fastback
Just your basic 390cid/C6 automatic trans Torino GT. Only mods are MSD ignition and coil.  

1969 GT fastback
1969 GT Torino 351w stroked to 408 . has automatic now, I am converting it to tko600 5 speed shortly.  
CID:408 Flywheel HP:495 Torque:520  

1970 429 SCJ 4-speed, 3.91 gears
No description available.  

1969 GT hard top
This was my daily driver 69 torino GT 351w with an FMX 9 in bucket seats floor shift a/c power steering frnt disc brakes very smooth ride  

1972 Gran Torino
This and another 73 are now in the works to be fixed up and made to look original once again.  

1970 Cobra SCJ Dragpack
The car came from the factory with the 429 SCJ dragpack. I built a 521ci with cj iron heads I ported myself. It has victor dominator hidden under a factory shaker. 12.5 to 1 compression, solid roller 272/284 @ .050 duration. It has a 4 speed toploader with a Mcleod sintered iron clutch and 4.33 gear detroit locker. Has caltracs and rancho adjustable shocks out back. The times listed were run with 10.5 x 28 Mickey Thompson ET Drag slicks. I only have about 4 passes on it so far and I think it still has the potential for quicker and faster times.  
1/4 Mile:10.51 MPH:132.5 60ft:1.55 Weight:4050 CID:521  

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