One of the problems with unibody constructed cars is the inherant weakness and flimsiness of not having a true frame support. Mustangs, Falcons, Comets, Mavericks, and other Fords, and even Brand X cars were designed with the entire body and substructure as one integrated unit. Over the course of thirty plus years this lack of rigidity surfaces it self in stress cracks in the torque boxes, floor-boards, shock towers, c-pillars, roof, and virtually every other areas of the car. As if this weren't enough, handling and ride characteristics suffer as well.

Fortunately the future of your unibody Ford doesn't have to be so bleak! There are ways to strengthen and stiffen the unibody design so that it resists flexing and twisting. One of the more popular and easier of these modifications is to install a set of subframe connectors.

Subframe connectors have been around as long as unibodies have, but the designs have improved significantly. When we set out to find a set for our Mustang, we came across Total Control Products. They have developed a two-kit subframe system, which will virtually eliminate chasis flex and greatly improve handling whether your car is setup for open track, drag racing, or just daily driving.

The first kit consists of the typical long bars that weld to the front and rear subframe sections. The second kit is an "H" shaped cage that connects the two sides, preventing twist on all axis.

Kit "one" needs to be welded into place. Other companies sell bolt-in subframe connectors, but that does not provide as strong of a joint as welding directly to the subframe. Kit "two" is intended to be bolted in, this allows for removal to access the transmission, exhaust, driveshaft, etc.

We had Total Control weld in a set in our 1967 Mustang. The car immediately felt more responsive on the road; steering response, cornering and braking improved noticably. More importantly we probably added another 20 years of life to the car by preventing body twist and cracking.

Prep Frame
Steve preps the frame rails for installation.
Prep Frame 2
It may take some creative massaging to get the frame rails straight.
Full Shot
The subframe connectors are held up to check for clearance and proper fitment.
Be careful of the fuel line while welding!

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