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Final Block Assembly

With the heads cleaned up and assembled with fresh hardware, we are ready to finish the engine. All that remains is to bolt the heads on the block, lay the intake manifold in place, and then set up the valvetrain, install the harmonic balancer and pulleys.

With the heads assembled, we can bolt them to the block. Small block Ford head gaskets only have coolant openings at the rear, the front block openings get covered by the gasket. Most head gaskets will have the end be marked "FRONT" on one end.

World heads, like many other aftermarket heads, are made to be used on 351W blocks as well, and therefore are drilled for the larger windsor headbolts (7/16" thread). To use the standard 1/2" 289/302 headbolts you'll need to use these reducer bushings, or get special headbolts with a 7/16" shoulder and 1/2" thread.

Install the headbolts with silicone sealant on the threads, since they pass through water passages. Torque the headbolts in sequence, starting with the center bolts and working outwards. Step the torque from 50 lb.ft. to 60 lb.ft, ending with 75 lb.ft.

Be sure to only use hardened pushrods with guideplates. Proper pushrod length will have the roller tip centered on the valve stem when the valve is at half-lift. For our set-up the stock 5.0 length pushrod was perfect (6.258"). An adjustable pushrod is the best way to check.

The roller rockers go on next. (We're using Harland Sharp 7/16" rollers.) Based on our cam specs, we'll set the lash at 0.020" and re-adjust after the engine is broken in.

Finally the intake goes on. Ditch the cork endseals and use silicone instead, its seals flawlessly and allows for precise intake port sealing.

The motor is crowned with the intake manifold. The tall plenum and large runners will work well with the cam and heads we're running.

We'll start off running the motor with a 750cfm Holley double-pumper carb. In a future article we'll dial the jetting in at the track for maximum performance.

(Installation and Conclusion)
Part I Short Block
Part II Induction
Part III Installation
Part IV Dyno Testing
Build Specifications
Bore 4.000"
Stroke 3.000"
Compression Ratio 9.4:1
Piston to Deck Height 0.005" below
Head Gasket compressed thickness 0.038"
Head Mill 0.030" (59.5cc)
Intake Mill 0.020" per side
Piston to wall clearance 0.003"
Piston top-ring end gap 0.026"
Main Bearing clearance 0.002"
Main cap Stud Torque 80 ft. lbs. (ARP lube)
Rod Bearing clearance 0.002"
Rod cap Bolt Torque 30 ft. lbs (ARP lube)
Rod side clearance


Crank endplay 0.004"
Head Bolt Torque 75 ft. lbs (ARP lube)
Piston to Valve Clearance (0.020" lash, 0.038" head gasket) int. 0.060"
exh. 0.165"
Valve Lash int/exh 0.020" cold
Valve Spring installed height 1.812" (0.060" hardened shims)
Valve Spring Open Pressure 145 lbs. (1.272")
Valve Spring Closed Pressure 354 lbs. (1.812")
400HP 302 Parts List
Short Block 1989 5.0
Heads World Windsor Sr.
Intake Manifold Edelbrock Victor Jr.
Carburetor Holley 750 Double Pumper (0-8156)
Cam Crane Solid Roller (44SR00016)
Lifters Crane Solid Roller (44542-16)
Retainers / Locks / Seals Crane (99953-16,
Valve Springs Crane Dual
Pushrods Crane 95615-16 (6.750")
Roller Rockers Harland Sharp 1.6:1 (7/16" stud mount)
Bearings Clevite 77Main , Rod, Cam Bearings (std.)
Pistons Keith Black 281 4.00"
Piston Rings Hastings Powerflex 2M5508 4.00"

Detroit Gasket full set 55611FS
(Fel-Pro 1260 intake)

Main Studs ARP 154-5407
Head Bolts ARP 154-3701
Rod Bolts ARP "Wavelock" 154-6402
Oil Pump Melling 68HV
Oil Pump Shaft Ford Racing M-6605-A302
Oil Pickup/Screen Clevite
Windage Tray Ford Racing M-6687-A351
Timing Chain Cloyes True Roller C3057XSP
Harmonic Balancer Fluidampr 715221 (50 oz.)
Waterpump Flowkooler 1681 (aluminum) clockwise rotation
Distributor 1985 Ford Duraspark (steel gear)
Ignition MSD 6AL
Spark Plugs Motorcraft (0.040" gap)
Headers Hooker Super Comp 1 5/8" primary; 3" collector
Flywheel 1989 5.0 (50 oz.)
Clutch Centerforce Dual Friction DF920830

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