Quick Tip: Build a Pushrod Length Tool

Whether you've milled your heads, decked the block, or made other modifications, obtaining the right length pushrod is essential for maintaining proper valve train geometry. We've had to order custom length pushrods several times in the past, and each time we were caught without an adjustable pushrod. Luckily we had an assortment of old pushrods which we used to determine the length we needed. However it would have been much easier, and more accurate, with the right tool.

Most of the cam companies sell checking pushrods, but it's one of those tools you probably wont buy because you don't think you'll ever need it. Of course when you do, you don't feel like waiting a week for it to be delivered. Fortunately Pete Stockton sent us this diagram on how to easily and cheaply make your own checking pushrod.

Simply take an old push rod and cut it about 1 to 1.5 inches from the end. Use a 1/4"-20 tap to cut threads into the open ends, and then screw in a short piece of 1/4-in. threaded rod. Use some nuts to lock the rod in position. Now you've got a adjustable tool that you can use to properly calculate and order the exact length pushrod.




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