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Installation (continued)

We questioned how well the kit would accomodate the rise over the Montego rear axle.
To our satisfaction the axle posed no challenges thanks to the variety of 90 degree options included in the kit.

Here's a shot of one full side mocked up and ready for final welds and hangers.

The final welds are made.

The system is supported and mounted to the chassis just past the mufflers and before the axle.
The job is completed by supporting the after-axle section just before the tailpipes.

What's next with Project MX?
After a few runs to demo our new exhaust a number of our Montego's weak links were clear. Completely ruptured upper control arm bushings, tired coil springs, and worn shocks. FM doesn't plan on boring you with those installs so we're brainstorming for something more exciting. Hey, enough with the rumors, when are those Edelbrock Cleveland heads making it to market anyway?


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