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Starter Installation (continued)

PA Performance provided and extra terminal end with the starter. Not necessary, but for good measure we added some heat shrink tubing.
We crimped the terminal end with some professional grade crimps. Certain tools are just worth the extra coin.

There's nothing like the satisfaction of watching some heat shrink tubing instantly form to fit. It's just the right thing to do.
We took more precautionary measures by using some Taylor Fire Sleeving to protect the starter cable, after we taped down the red wire.

Next, we routed the wires back down along the fire wall and near the starter location.
We fitted the starter. This little thing was much easier to put in than the old starter was to take out.

Here's the wiring arrangement out from underneath the car.
We were sure to tie wrap the main wire in a manner that prevented it from getting near the hot exhaust header.

Finally, we hooked the battery back up and tested the starter. Success. Be sure to see the videos on the previous page for some great audio of the start up.


(Alternator Overview and Installation)
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