Project '67 Makeover (continued)

Got enough Clearance Clarence?
Along with new heads comes our opportunity to ditch the low-hanging headers. The Dart heads have wider bolt hole spacing around the exhaust ports, making the standard Ford pattern exhaust header useless. While the performance of the Jet-Hot coated Hooker SuperComp's was superb, let's face it, you can't worry about scraping the tubes every time you want to drive the car. Fortunately for us Ford Powertrain Applications (FPA) was developing a Dart specific header earlier in the year, so we purchased a set. If you are not familiar with FPA, you are missing out on what a set of properly engineered headers is supposed to fit like. We were absolutely stunned at how perfect his headers fit around our Lakewood bellhousing and clutch cable. We also gained about 3" inches of ground clearance since the FPA headers are so neatly tucked. Another great benefit is that the clutch cable or mechanical linkage does not pass through the header tubes like on most long tube small block Ford headers.

Dart heads use a wider exhaust bolt pattern. This means standard headers will not work, unless they have both header bolt patterns drilled into the flange.

FPA developed a Dart pattern header specific for 65-68 Mustangs.

The Hooker Super Comps are great performing headers, but their low hanging tubes are a nightmare on a lowered street car.

FPA designs their headers to fit tightly under the chassis. We had not a single area of interference with the Lakewood bellhousing. The ball and socket style collector also offers better sealing and gorund clearance than the flange style.

Going all out!
By far the biggest change for Project '67 will be the departure from carbureted to fuel injection. We've always thought a vintage Ford with a modern computer-controlled engine would be the way to go for a street machine. Just take a look at our article "Innovation or Insanity" on Thomas Tornblom's Cleveland EFI conversion in his Pantera. While we won't be as clever and innovative as Thomas was, we will be using an EFI conversion kit that is ingeniously designed to give the appearance of a carbureted system.

The Mass-Flo EFI system is based on the Ford EEC-IV system, however is fully customized to be a smooth and easy installation. They convert a carbureted manifold to accept injectors and the required air and coolant temperature sensor. A four-hole 1000-cfm throttle body sits atop the manifold just like a carburetor would. A specially designed mass-air meter fits over the throttle body. This allows the use of a carbureted air cleaner assembly for a truly stealth look.

Mass-Flo converts the carbureted manifold of your choice to accept fuel injectors. The quality of welding around the bungs in top notch, and the manifold includes huge high-flow fuel rails.

A custom fabricated, stainless steel and aluminum 1000cfm throttle body sits on the manifold like a carburetor.

A mass air meter, based on the GM design, fits between the air cleaner base and throttle body, giving a carbureted appearance. A special electronic module converts the GM signal to Ford

Unlike other kits which sell you a stock 5.0L Mustang harness or some variation of it, the Mass-Flo fuel injection kit includes a harness that is custom made for the vehicle you are installing into. This is the early Mustang harness. We'll go through how to install it in detail in the next issue.

In the next issue we will fully detail the EFI conversion process, including all the wiring and fuel system requirements to make this set up work. We'll install the system on our 331 engine and get it tuned naturally aspirated. Then we'll make the necessary changes to add the blower.
So there you have it, we've revealed our New Year's resolution and we're certain this time we're going to change.


Ultra Seal Exhaust Gaskets
Everyone has experienced the frustrating exhaust leaks that occur when inferior paper header gaskets burn out. To avoid the hassle of replacing header gaskets we selected Ultra Seals for our project. They utilize an expandable steel core and graphite faced exhaust material. These things seal tight and never burn out. Shown are gaskets for wide pattern (Dart) exhaust flanges. These are made exclusively for Dart (Dart PN:65228100). Check out www.mr-gasket.com for their entire catalog of part numbers and applications.


















Mass-Flo EFI, Inc.
77 Snow Road
West Brookfield, MA 01585-2721
(508) 867-6733

Mr. Gasket Company
10601 Memphis Ave. #12
Cleveland, OH 44144
(216) 688-8300 ext. 500

Dart Machinery
353 Oliver Street
Troy, MI 48084

Crane Cams, Inc.
530 Fentress Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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