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How to Install Roller Coil Spring Perches

With the front end of the car jacked up and supported on stands, we start by removing the lower shock nuts.

The upper shock nuts and shock tower cap is removed allowing the shock to be pulled out.

A coil spring compressor is required to remove the coil spring. We'll feed it through the top of the tower as shown. Wear eye saftey glasses or sheild, a coil spring contains tremendous potential energy.

With the hooks of the compressor secured around the second to the top and second to the bottom coil, we can begin to compress the spring.

We're slowly turning the coil spring compressor nut while keeping an eye on the spring. The compressor should squeeze the spring together evenly.

The spring only needs to be partially compressed (about 2") to be removed from the A-arm.

The coilded spring is set aside and will be reinstalled after the new perch is placed onto the A-arm.

Using a 1/2" socket the perch to A-arm mounting nuts are removed from underneath the A-arm.

Our rollerized spring perch is installed onto the arm. Note the spring tab must be at the back of the A-arm.

The new spring is set into place and slowly uncoiled.
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