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Disassembly (Continued)

Start by removing the neutral saftey switch from the top cover.

Using needle nose pliers, reach into the neutral switch port and remove the activator pin. We're going to plug this port since we have no plans to use a neutral safeguard on the ignition switch.

Remove the ten top-cover bolts using a 10mm socket. Use the pry slots at the opposing corners of the case to break loose the top cover. Do not try to lift or force the cover off at this time.

Push the cover over to the drain plug side of the transmission case to move the shift forks clear of the reverse mechanism, allowing the cover to be lifted off the case.

Turing to the back of the case, we'll work on removing the 5th gear assembly. Using a drift punch, drive this roll pin out of the 5th shift fork and shift rail.

Using snap ring pliers, remove the snap ring which secures the 5th synchronizer assembly and 5th speed drive gear in place.

The entire 5th gear shift fork and gear assembly can be pulled off the cluster shaft and set aside.

Back at the front of the case the bearing retainer is removed to allow access to the input shaft. Note the shim and bearing race which are behind the bearing retainer.

To remove the input shaft this crescent shaped notch needs to face downward (shown in up position.)

The input shaft can then be pull out. There will likely be loose roller bearings which drop out. They can be discarded.

Slide the bearing cup off the main shaft.

Carefully lift the output (main) shaft assembly up and out through the top of the case and set aside.

Reach into the case and unhook the spring from the 5th-Reverse (5-R) shift rail assembly. Then pull the rail out of the case.

Remove the retaining clip from the 5-R shift lever and then remove the lever from the case.

Shown is the 5-R shift lever assembly. Note the torsion spring, this is found on mid 1992 and newer World Class T5's.

The 5-R shift levers and 5th shift forks from pre 1992 WC T5's (top) and post 1992 with the torsion spring (bottom) cannot be interchanged. The early T5's use an extension spring.

If the side of your T5 case has this pivot pin below the back-up switch it indicates the later style 5-R shift lever mechanism with the torsion spring.

Use a cold chisel to pry down the lock tabs on the bearing retainer. Then remove the four T-40 Torx head screws.

The bearing retainer is removed along with the shims and bearing race. On a standard rebuild we'd take note of the shim stack height, but in the case of our G-Force build up we'll check end play and shim accordingly for the new gears.

Next we'll remove the reverse idler shaft and gear. Use a drift to punch out the roll pin in the idler shaft. A fair warning, the shaft will want to turn as you smack it so aim carefully.

With the roll pin out we can push the idler shaft out the back of the T5 case.

The reverse idler gear can be removed as well. Be sure to grab the O-ring which sits in front of the idler gear.

The final step to clear out the case assembly is removal of the countershaft gear. Push the gear forward so the shaft and cone bearing protrude out the rear of the case as shown. Then snip the bearing cage to remove it from the shaft.

With the bearing cage removed the countershaft gear assembly can be guided out the top of the case.

Finally, use a hammer to knock out the bearing cup out. We'll replace this with a new piece.

The empty T5 case can now be thoroughly cleaned with solvent. Be sure to remove all metal debris stuck to the magnet in the bottom of the case.


(T5 Main Shaft Disassembly)
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T5 Rebuild Tip

The TTC service manual is your best reference when rebuilding a T5. You can download it free (PDF 4MB).



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