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G-Force T5 Assembly

Bruce points out typical blocking ring wear on high-mileage T5's. The rounding of the clutch teeth results in the hard to engage gears or "bad synchro" symptoms. Blocking rings are some of the parts which will be replaced.

A variety of rebuild kits are available for the WC T5. Modern Driveline uses the master rebuild kit, however replaces the bearing with Timken brand bearings for performance rebuilds.

Bruce reviews for us how the blocking ring assemblies function. The laminated material on the outer cone race (orange) contacts the friction coated inside surface of the blocking ring, slowing it down and allowing the teeth to mesh with the synchronizer.

1st-2nd gear blocking ring, outer cone race, and inner cone followed by a thrust washer and retaining ring.

Needle bearing goes on next, followed by the 2nd speed gear.

Slide the thrust washer into place.

The thrust washer is followed by the thicker of the two snap rings removed from the original shaft assembly.

A thin spacer goes against the snap ring, followed by a fresh needle bearing sleeve.

The 3rd speed gear goes on over the needle bearing, followed by the 3rd-4th blocking ring and synchronizer assembly.

Flip the shaft over and slide on the 1st-2nd blocking ring, outer and inner cones. Then insert the ball or pin saved from step 19. Finally, slide the sleeve into place.

A taper bearing installs over the sleeve, followed the 1st speed gear.

A new Timken bearing cone slides over the shaft between 1st and the 5th driven gears. The thinner of the two snap rings (step 15) is positioned in the receiver groove above 5th gear.

With the new G-Force output shaft assembled, Bruce readies the case for re-assembly. Using a large flat file he smoothens out any surface irregularities near the bearing bores.

The bearing cup for the counter shaft gear is pressed into place.

Bruce points out the large flat washer which must be placed on the new G-Force countershaft gear. The washer does not exist on the stock assembly and is thus easily forgotten.

Bearing cone is then pressed on the front of the countershaft.

The countershaft assembly is then fed into the case via the top.

Bruce presses on the countershaft rear bearing cone and cup.

The reverse idler gear and shaft can now be reinstalled. Note the O-ring which must be positioned on the shaft, in front of the gear. The 5th-Reverse shift level and rail are also reinstalled at this point.

Bruce temporarily installs the heavy-duty rear bearing retainer in order to achieve proper countershaft end play. He suggests shimming until the shaft spins without resistance while achieving the least amount of end play (factory specification is 0.0018 in.) The retainer bolts are then secured using red Loctite.

(G-Force T5 Assembly continued)

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T5 Rebuild Tips
Standard World Class T5 blocking rings use compressed paper as the the friction material (top). A carbon fiber coated blocking ring is available as an upgrade for the 3rd-4th gear synchro assembly. This will slow the gear down faster for a quicker shift.


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