Hurst '05-'06 Mustang Short Throw Shifter Installation (continued)

A 13mm wrench is used to remove the nut which holds the shift rod stud to the shifter.

Pull the shift rod out of the shifter and let it hang down.

Use a 10mm socket to remove the bolt that holds the shifter arm to the transmission.

The shifter is now free to remove, however it will not come out from under the car unless you wish to drop the drive shaft. We opted to pull it out through the console.

The shifter will come out through the console with a little finesse.

We'll need to transfer over the factory bushing sleeve. Knock it out using a socket and hammer as shown.

The plastic shift rod sleeves must also be transferred from the stock shifter over to the Hurst unit. Use a little white lithium grease for lubrication.

With the sleeves and bushings transferred over to the new shifter we are ready to install it back in the car.

The Hurst shifter goes in the way the stocker came out, through the console.

It may seem the shifter wont make it through the opening, getting stuck in about this position. You'll need to go under the car or have a helper guide it into position.

The front of the shifter needs to be guided over the transmission crossmember, this will allow the shifter to completely fit through the transmission tunnel opening.

Use the factory mounting bracket and nuts removed earlier to mount the new shifter to the body.

The new Hurst short-throw shifter is mounted to the body.

The shift rod from the transmission is then inserted into the shifter arm bottom.

The shifter bottom is offset. Rotate the shorter end to the passenger side of the car. Secure the 13mm nut onto the shift rod stud.

Attach the front of the shifter arm to the transmission using the factory hex bolt removed earlier.

From back inside the car, attach the chrome stick to the shifter. Match up the grooved side of the stick to those on the shifter. Use the supplied star washers under the allen head bolts.

Slip the lower and upper boot over the shifter. Use the supplied oval boot grommet to seal the boot to the Hurst stick.

As with all Hurst shifters, the jam nut goes into place, rounded side up.

Spin on the white 5 speed ball, line up the numbers and use a 9/16" wrench to lock it in place.


While we used a lift to enable us to take photos of the underside for this article, rest assured that you can perform the swap using just jack stands.

Brian's impressions shifting with the Hurst short throw were all positive. "The 2-3 shift is not only shorter but tightened up laterally." He also commented that the shifts are so short it will take some re-learning to release the clutch pedal quicker.

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