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SEMA 2011: Ingersoll Rand’s Nut Busting Cordless Impact Tools

Since 1905 Ingersoll Rand has been producing cutting-edge tools for the performance market and holds 52 years in the racing industry. That’s right, 52 years! It’s the number one choice for top race teams and its the one those teams rely on to win races.

At this years SEMA Show, Ingersoll Rand is focusing on turning the tooling world on its head with a revolutionary 20V cordless impact gun, which grinds out 780 ft./lbs of reverse torque. Don’t believe it? We were there to hold and even sample the tool in their booth. It’s got all the balance and ergonomics of military artillery and accuracy of a sniper rifle.

We were there to personally watch as Nate Schmid tested the torque capacity with a traditional torque wrench on a big rig wheel and tire package. Schmidt tested the torque and it was happily sitting at an even 400 ft.-lbs. With that in mind, Schmidt then proceeded to remove the lug nut using their newest W7150, which it handled easily. Then, to top it off, threaded it back on and fastened it with the gun, again. This time, however, the torque reading was sitting at over 500 ft.-lbs.! With the cordless impact, Schmid was easily able to add another 100 ft.-lbs with almost no effort.

Finer points include a rechargeable 20V lithium ion battery. Guess what? It'll last all day and pump out enough twist good for 780ft.-lbs.

Meet Ingersoll’s W7150. It’s the most powerful 1/2-inch drive cordless Impactool in the world. Check out the stats below on this amazing tool.

Of course, the Ingersoll Rand impact tool wouldn’t have been complete without a feature guest; DJ Coop, professional wheelman straight from NASCAR. He was on hand to personally show the guns capability. Make sure to check out the video to see this amazing gun in action.