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Glamour Galore – K&N Sponsored Vehicles at SEMA

Check out Tommy Zondervan’s 2011 Camaro, BS Hot Rods ’69 Mustang, and Dale Snoke’s 1964 Mercury Comet

There were many vehicles out at SEMA that were supporting K&N products – more than we could even cover matter of fact.  Though there were a few that caught our eye, and here is a feature on some of them.

Tommy Zondervan of Revolution Styling had a completely different outlook on how he wanted to build his 2011 Camaro. Tommy spent a lot of time looking through European car books and wanted to build a Camaro that had a European flare to it, while making over 1000 horsepower.  It was his rendition of a modern-day American supercar. The hood has had the cowl shaved off of it, which Tommy says they spent a solid week on it, just to remove the American muscle flare. Tommy also made the rear spoiler, rear diffuser, chin spoiler, and side splitters all by hand and plans to later market them as production parts.

Inside the LS3 is a fully built long block.  Tommy relied on Howard’s for all his internal components and are persuaded by twin Turbonetics 63mm turbos.  Providing clean air to those turbos are a pair of K&N filters that sit in the front bumper openings on the side. Their goal is to make over 1000 HP at the crank, or about 875 horsepower to the rear tires, though the Camaro has not seen the dyno yet.

The suspension is from Air Lift, which is a full auto leveling and riding air suspension.  It will squat the car down automatically when it is off, and raise it when it is time to drive.

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