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SEMA 2011: Kenny Brown Gen IV Mustang Packages, Turnkey Cars

There’s no drama with these cars – they’re just fun.

Those familiar with the Ford Mustang aftermarket industry and certainly the famed Pony car in SCCA and sports car racing circles certainly know the name Kenny Brown. Brown, a 40 year veteran of the high performance and racing industry, has spent the last 25 years devoting himself and his business to building some of the best road and track Mustangs the market has seen. Each generation of Kenny Brown Mustangs has improved upon the previous, and here at SEMA, Kenny Brown is back with his latest and greatest of Mustang packages and complete turnkey vehicles: The Gen-IV GT-4.

The 4.6L 3V BiTurbo package is a 550 horsepower system for the 2005-2010 4.6L Mustangs, and has been engineered specifically for performance street and track driving. This system uses two ball bearing turbos mounted right on the exhaust manifolds, thus positioned as close to the exhaust valves as possible, thus reducing weight by keeping the turbos behind the front axle centerline low in the chassis for great weight distribution.

As well, the Kenny Brown AGS (Advanced Geometry System) 4.0 suspension system offers a complete solution for 2005-2012 Mustangs that carries on the Kenny Brown AGS heritage that dates back to the 1987 Saleen-R and Fox bodies and raises the bar in handling, grip, braking, and driver confidence.

The new Kenny Brown GT-4T Mustang sports a long list of great racing-minded features, including a twin turbo setup with the turbos mounted directly on the exhaust manifold to help with weight distribution.

“Pony cars, historically, display their strength in the straightaways, while the corners are their weakness. so what we’ve essentially done with this new Gen IV package is lengthen the straights and shorten the corners, to really capture the strength of the Mustang platform,” Brown tells us.

Finally, both of these packages are wrapped up into the new turnkey GT-4 (naturally-aspirated) and GT-4T (twin turbo) packages. The GT-4T, on display here at SEMA, features aftermarket Kenny Brown AGS front and rear suspension components, a sport calibrated OE automatic transmission, lightweight forged Weld Racing wheels, Baer Pro Plus 6-piston caliper brakes, front air dam, heat-extracting fiberglass hood, interior upgrades, and a host of other aftermarket upgrades.

Said Brown,”There’s no drama with these cars – they’re just fun.”