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SEMA 2012: Auto Meter’s New LCD Gauge Display Technology

New to the Auto Meter line up this year is a new LCD Race Dash that is completely configurable to the user and incorporates everything that racer’s have become accustomed to seeing in Auto Meter products. The good news is… it’s all in one unit.

Auto Meter’s Jeff King says,” It’s a whole new level of technology that we have just brought to the market.” According to King, the technology for the new LCD Race Dash was spawned when NASCAR asked about a new gauge display. 

“NASCAR came to us and asked if we could take it a step further and come up with a multi-function LCD display that would modernize the racecar’s cockpits. As a result, we developed our LCD Race Dash for both the racing and the street market,” says King.

King claims that the new LCD instrumentation is the future of gauges. “It has the ability to take a lot of information and pack it into a small area, and it’s fully configurable to the user.”

It has the ability to take a lot of information and pack it into a small area. – Jeff King

Incorporated in the race dash is an integrated progressive shift light at the top of the dash with lights that illuminate progressively with the engine’s rpm until they are all glowing. The display itself is a super bright display for clear daytime visibility.

Warning indicators are integrated in the dash and are fully configurable with different color options to suit the driver’s needs. Gauges can be configured in a variety of analog and digital combinations for optimized precise values and rate of change.

Auto Meter's new race dash represents the next level of instrument display technology.

Features of the Auto Meter Race Dash:

King explained,”The NASCAR version has a rich graphics display in what is called ‘Pixel Perfect’ graphics. You can expect to see these on the track sometime in the 2013 season.” The street version of the race dash can be ordered now.