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SEMA 2014: Pertronix Proves Big Spark Can Happen In Small Packages

When you mention Pertronix, most old school hot rodders remember the igniter installed inside of a points-type distributor to convert to electronic. It was more reliable, affordable, and didn’t require feeler gauges and rebuilding the distributor.

That was many moons ago, and Pertronix is still at it, making conventional distributors even better with products like their new HEI III, the plug-in module that will work with any HEI distributor. This small module packs a big punch and now provides dual spark all the way up to redline. It will sense start up and provide an increase in energy for easy starts, and the adaptive dwell maintains peak energy throughout the RPM range, improving performance and reducing misfires.

And speaking of redline, should you not want to rev that high, there’s a built-in rev limiter that allows you to set the rev limit in increments of 100 rpm, as many times as you want. To set the rev limit, the small potentiometer can be adjusted, and the LED indicator will light up to let you know where you’ve set it.

A long light indicates thousands of RPMs, whereas a short light will indicate hundreds. After you turn the potentiometer, watch the indicator, and adjust up or down accordingly.

When you’ve set your rev limit to the desired setting, the LED will show that sequence three times, and at that point it’s burned into the prom. If you want to change it, go through the process again and you can reset it as often as you want to without affecting performance or electronics. The HEI III is accurate within 50 RPM all the way to 9,900 RPM. The HEI III is legal in all 50 states with its own CARB EO #D-57-22, and is also legal in Canada.

For those who want to keep the stock look of their distributors, but want the benefit of the advanced features from Pertronix, a new line of stock-look distributors is now available for GM, Ford, and Mopar – with the Ford line expanding into the 351 Windsor, 351 Cleveland, and 429 Cleveland. For Mopar Polyheads, the new A engine distributor will upgrade your old points style to a high performance piece while retaining the factory look.

The distributor body and caps are direct replicas, but inside the distributors are all high tech. This provides a stealth distributor good enough for street and strip, but great for the restoration crowd with the stock appearance.

The new LS engine coils from Pertronix are 30,000 volt rated and provide a 15% increase in power, but are a plug-and-play coil for all LS engines. We found the new HEI III, stock look distributors, and the LS Coils at SEMA 2014, but you can find them all at the Pertronix web site, along with the rest of their performance products.