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SEMA 2016: Spec Clutch Triple Carbon Racing Clutches

As horsepower wars rage on and builders push their cars further and further, aftermarket parts suppliers must keep pace so we can put power to the ground. In this day and age where 1,000 horsepower is where we start paying attention, power transfer needs are put to an extreme test.

Spec Clutch manufactures racing clutch packages for all levels of performance from stock replacements and mild upgrades all the way up to their latest carbon triple disc unit we saw this year at SEMA.

David Norton of Spec alluded to half mile and standing mile racers running over 2,000 horsepower being the target groups for a clutch package like this. “Lamborghini, 2JZ Supra, Viper, LS and Ford applications are available,” he told us.

“When you have carbon on carbon, it gives a more controlled engagement. The hotter it gets the better it works. Versus a metallic clutch on steel, the carbon will rotate a little bit just for a fraction of a second.”

“The cool thing about the carbon is that it really softens the engagement, these cars with such high power have transmission trouble before they have engine trouble. The carbon can harness all that power and yet be as easy on the driveline as possible.”

Being able to keep a driveline alive is important if you want to finish races, but getting there we find benefits like weight savings and heat dissipation. “That’s the next benefit of carbon, it doesn’t have a lot of inertia,” Norton concluded.