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90+MPH Crash Chops S550 Droptop In Pieces, But Driver Walks Away

It’s hard not to push the limits when driving a car that’s got the extra horsepower of a Mustang, and when you’re flying through the streets of Seattle, Washington, on one of their dozen or so sunny Pacific Northwest days, it’s  a challenge not to give it a little extra gas. Still, it’s hard for us to imagine hitting 90 miles per hour in a 35-mile-per-hour zone on a busy street, but that’s just what this guy did, and that’s when he crashed, which is sure to feed more Mustang-hater memes.

It's amazing how well the driver portion of the car held together. While it was certainly a combination of a passenger-side impact, luck, and engineering, it shows that these cars will hold together where it counts in an accident.

The driver of this convertible Mustang was observed going speeds in excess of 90 MPH on these Seattle city streets, and he couldn’t handle that speed, losing control and slamming into a power pole, ripping the Mustang into dozens of pieces and sending parts flying more than 30 feet from the impact zone. Looking at the pictures of this wreck, you’d never guess the owner of this car walked away — let’s repeat that, he walked away. In one of the pictures posted on this Daily Mail story you can see him standing by the medics, shrouded in a green blanket.

Why yes, that is in fact the engine laying on its side on the sidewalk. It was ripped from the car and probably still spinning when it settled in the grass.

The wreck left the rear half of the Mustang 30 feet or better from the front half and the engine and transmission laying on their side next to what was left of the front section of the cab. You’ll notice that the front driver seat is intact and the entire driver seat area, including the door, steering wheel, seat, and dash, are all intact, the same cannot be said for the passenger side however, as there is essentially no passenger side left on this car.

The entire rear section of the Mustang was thrown somewhere around 30-feet from the initial impact zone. It's hard to imagine that much metal being thrown that far and a person involved still walking away!

Although this story serves as a reminder of the dangers of driving at high speeds and the consequences of losing control, it also serves as an example of just how well Ford engineered its Mustangs. Though a passenger would not have survived this accident, and luck definitely played a large part in the driver walking away without serious injury, the Ford engineers did a great job ensuring that the cockpit of the latest Mustang, even a convertible, was stout enough to withstand an accident and the tremendous force associated with one.

It’s amazing that the wheel is broken, the engine is sitting behind the front seat of the car, and the back half is 30 feet down the sidewalk, but somehow that driver side window is still intact and the rear-view mirror is still attached to that driver door.

Take the time to watch this short video in full. Unfortunately, we do not have video footage of the wreck itself and the car disintegrating on impact, but the walkaround of the wreckage by a bystander does a great job illustrating the magnitude of the crash. It’s hard to fathom just how bad it was from, the pictures, and the video does a great job putting it into perspective just how far bits, pieces, and significant sections of the car were thrown in the accident.

Watch your speed in areas like this and don’t end up in a crash like this guy, odds are good that you won’t be as lucky… Either way, we’re sure this comes with a hefty ticket and the likelihood that insurance would not be covering the damages.