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Ford Mustang Now the Approved Drug Mule-Mobile?

We absolutely believe that 99% of the Ford Mustang owner’s community are good, upstanding citizens who enjoy a good hoonage every now and then. But the popularity of the Mustang isn’t confined merely to the upstanding and righteous of society. Thieves regularly target Mustangs, and drug dealers are known to buy them with duffel bags full of cash. Speaking of drugs, Mustangs appear to be gaining popularity with drug mules, who ship drugs en masse to every corner of our country.

The Victoria Advocate reports that the Texas Highway Patrol busted a driver of a Ford Mustang who had hidden three kilos of cocaine in the firewall of his muscle car.

While this bust is small fries compared to the Mustang caught laden down with 400 pounds of blow at the Mexican border last month, the drug mule was clearly more clever about hiding his stash. As the picture above demonstrates, officers had to physically remove the passenger’s-side fender to get at the drugs.

Now while three kilos (about 6.6 pounds) may not sound like much, it has a street value of around $75,000. So it makes sense that the drug mule would try to hide his illegal goods best he could, but you can’t hide from drug dogs, and the driver (unwisely) consented to a search after displaying some key signs of “drug activity.” More bad drugs off the street, and another bad guy behind bars. Nice work, Texas, and they’ve get a 2003 Mustang Convertible to add to their fleet to boot. Not a bad haul at all.