Keeping Heat And Unwanted Road Noise At Bay With DEI’s Sound Barrier

When you jump into your new car and drive down the road, you immediately notice many things have changed in automotive design. One of the most noticeable changes has to do with the reduction of heat and exterior road noise. Let’s face it, new cars have a much quieter ride than our beloved classics. But now, you can control vibrations, noise, and heat by utilizing one product: Sound Barrier sheets from Design Engineering, Inc (DEI).

This is an all-in-one interior insulator and sound absorber, developed by DEI to regulate noise and temperatures inside a vehicle’s interiors. Who doesn’t want a cool, quiet, and comfortable ride? The DEI Sound Barrier is lightweight and easy to install, and the sheets can be easily cut and then glued, mechanically fastened, or laid under the carpet for a custom fit in any space. The material can even be paired with DEI’s 3-inch double-sided transfer tape (PN: 50205) for easy installation.

“Sound Barrier offers one solution for heat and sound control,” says Mike Buca of DEI. “It fits great under carpets and can be used instead of jute or other insufficient materials to increase driver and passenger comfort.”

The highly versatile DEI Sound Barrier (PN: 51135) is constructed from a combination of 0.75 lbs/ft2 mass-loaded barrier with ½-inch nonwoven sound-absorbing material lamination. Designed to meet FAR 25.853 and Reach standards, it is sold in 55-inch-wide sheets by the linear yard.

For more information about Sound Barrier kits and other DEI products to help your ride stay cool a comfortable, you can check out the complete line of performance heat and sound control products by visiting

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