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Light Up Your Ignition With Accel SuperCoils

There are a lot of performance bolt-on upgrades available for vehicles these days. Some of the more popular ones include intakes, headers, air filters, or tuning chips. One thing that’s an often overlooked way to do bolt on upgrades is your ignition system. 

A quick and easy upgrade that a lot of people skip over is upgrading the coils in their ignition system. This is a swap that can be done with a basic set of tools in under an hour, just like an air intake system. Accel Performance offers their SuperCoils, with a list of improvements over stock. 

There is three major benefits to upgrade your coils to a set of Accel SuperCoils. First off, they produce up to 15% more spark than an OEM coil. Second, the throttle response will be better from the bigger spark. Third, there is more power overall with because of a better fuel burn. During Accel’s testing, they saw gains of seven to ten horsepower, purely off swapping out a set of coils. Another great aspect of the SuperCoils is they have them for just about any make and model out there. If you have an application that has eight individual coils, they make an eight pack to help save time and money as well. 

You don’t have to stop with ignition coils though; Accel also produces high performance spark plug wires that will help to maintain the voltage to the spark plug. Accel also offers high performance spark plugs, so you get an efficient flame to burn the most fuel possible. To see what they have to offer for your ride, give them a call or check out their site