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Lightning-Powered, 5.4-liter Fox Destroys Its Rear Tires!

We all love a good engine swap, especially when it’s in a Fox Mustang like this one. This Mustang body style has proven a viable platform for dozens of different drivetrain enhancements and engine swaps. We’ve seen them with just about every combination of engine and transmission that one can imagine.

The progression of a Lightning-powered Fox burnout...

From Coyotes and Terminator engines and to EcoBoost and even Brand X powerplants, we’ve seen just about every engine in a Fox. This 5.4-liter SVT Lighting engine is a really cool example of what can be done with this easily customizable platform. These light cars take well to larger engines with this kind of power.

This video posted some eight years ago still resonates today. It shows a Fox making an impressible burnout on a partially empty stretch of road. The driver lets loose and the white smoke pours out from the back tires. It’s an impressive show of force coming from such a small car, it burns the rubber like it’s not even trying.

It doesn’t just give a quick start and go burnout either, as the driver keeps his foot in it and the tires continue to smoke and drag the burnout quite a ways down the road. He has little trouble making long black marks with this car. It also doesn’t hurt that the tires are apparently old and bald.

And, hey, if you are going to build a Fox with a torquey, supercharged 5.4-liter engine, you might as well have a little fun.