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Video: David Pearson Rocks Radial World With 4.10-Second Record Run

If David Pearson isn’t hands-down the baddest man on Drag Radials, then the list of those that rank ahead of him is an exceptionally short one.

The native of Marion, North Carolina has been on absolute rampage over the last three weekends with his small-block powered “Little Evil” Fox body Mustang, beginning at the Carolina Fall Brawl at the Shadyside Dragway, where he recorded the quickest pass ever on 275 Radials in official competition with a crushing 4.14 at 175 mph. A week later, Pearson and company headed to the Throwdown in K-Town at the Knoxville Dragstrip, where they lowered their mark another hundy with a wicked 4.138 at 175.57 mph, compliments of a 1.05 60-foot and a 2.738 to the 330-foot clocks.

But this past weekend, Pearson dropped a bomb on the rest of the 275 Radial racing world at the Radial Fest in Huntsville, Alabama, when he reeled off the quickest pass in history — in testing or official competition — with a 4.10-second blast at 174.42 mph. With that, Pearson and his ProCharger-equipped Mustang are on the brink of the 4.0-second zone that many once thought unattainable on any Drag Radial, much less the relatively small 275 tire. In a few months, we might even be having serious conversations about a 3-second run by a 275 car. Madness, isn’t it?

Video credit: TheRacingVids