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Video: Ford Picks First Winner Of Mustang Customizer Contest

This past summer, Ford launched a contest aimed at getting fans of the Mustang on to the all-new Mustang Customizer website. The carrot they dangled in front of fans? A chance to win the Mustang of their dreams that they customized. Ford will give away several Mustangs in this fashion, and they just picked their first winner.

Meet James, a longtime Mustang fan who long ago sold his 1994 Mustang Cobra in order to buy an engagement ring for his wife. Now that’s dedication, and we think this man very much so earned his new Mustang.

To win the contest, James and other contestants had to build and battle Mustangs of their own creation. James created over 120 different designs and racked up 195,000 points, earning him 195 entries into the contest. But his flagship car, the “HMS”, was the one he really, really wanted. And that was the car he got, dropped off by none other than Formula Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr.

The white 5.0 Mustang GT was not overdone like some concepts James came up with. Instead it was simple, clean, and precise, with mild upgrades like the 20-inch Roush wheels, the GT500 spoiler, and the side scoops from Ford Racing Performance Parts. The guys at Galpin Auto Sports took it from there, creating the custom car of James’s dreams.

He’s a lucky and deserving guy…and Gittin even brought along a matching Power Wheels Mustang for James’s son. Isn’t that precious?