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Video: Late Model Restoration’s Project High Impact At Texas Mile

A couple of weekends ago, racers from across America gathered in a small town in Texas for the semi-annual contest of speed known as the Texas Mile. For three days, drivers go all-out in their hot rods, muscle cars, and exotics in the pursuit of the ultimate top speed. There are plenty of tuners, speed shops, and aftermarket suppliers out there showing off their latest creations in both speed parts and competing cars.

Late Model Restoration has released this video from their recent visit to the Texas Mile. The company’s Project High Impact Mustang did not disappoint, posting an impressive 175 mph top speed. But that wasn’t that fast enough for the crew at  Late Model Restoration.

Designed and built as a product test bed for the parts the company sells to customers, Project High Impact set out with a goal of reaching 180 mph. With an official speed of 175.7, they fell just short, though not for a lack of trying. Their supercharged Mustang sported many modifications, including a 3.08:1 gear ratio designed for top speed.

Alas, despite putting down 629 horsepower to the wheels through the supercharged 5.0 engine, Late Model Restoration couldn’t quite find the extra speed they were looking for on this particular outing.  That however, gives them a good excuse to go back out later this year, when the Texas Mile returns, for another shot at top speed glory.  We have to say though that 175 is very impressive for an engine that is internally stock. We have a feeling once they eclipse the 180 mph mark, the next logical milestone is the big 2-0-0. Could Late Model Restoration be on their way to having the first that we know of stock internal Coyote engine to hit 200 MPH? We’ll keep you posted, but that will have to wait until the next Texas Mile meet in the fall to find out how fast they can push High Impact.