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Video: MMR’s Awesome Modular Mustangs – 2012 In Review

Over the last several years, Mark Luton, Greg Seth-Hunter, and the rest of the team out at Modular Mustang Racing in Camarillo, California, have been at the forefront of development for the Ford Modular and now, the Coyote, engine platforms. The team has been campaigning three fast cars this season – their twin-turbo Pro Mod car, their famous blue Outlaw 10.5W car, both of which are Modular-powered, and also their new Coyote-powered world-record-holding drag radial machine. MMR has spent a lot of time this year developing their new Coyote engine program, and on only the third hit with the new car they were able to run a 7.02 at over 202 MPH, seen in this Dragzine writeup from a few weeks ago. 

If you’ve never had the opportunity to see one of MMR’s cars up close and personal, take it from us – lean and clean is an understatement. They are always well-designed and well-engineered pieces of hardware that perform. The dedication of the MMR team to constant engine development in their racing programs has paid off dividends for their customers, as they are constantly pushing the limits on their equipment to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Check out this awesome video the MMR team put together documenting their 2012 racing season. Engine porn, cool mood music, nifty camera angles and all – there’s plenty of in-car, on-car, and handheld footage here to whet your whistle heading into the offseason. Bookmark this one to help chase away the winter blues – dial up the vid on your YouTube playlist whenever you need a quick fix of some fast Mustangs on the racetrack. It’s two minutes and thirty-seven seconds of stutter-boxin’, chute-poppin’ goodness, brought to you in living color, but sadly, not in HD.