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Video: Second Winner Of Mustang Customizer Contest Chosen

Earlier this year, Ford launched one of its coolest and most successful social media campaigns yet…and of course it featured the Mustang. Leveraging its incredibly popular Mustang customizer website, Ford encouraged Mustang fans to build, battle, and share virtual Mustangs of their own creation, with the grand prize of actually getting that Mustang delivered to your front door. 

Ford already revealed its first winner, who had his Mustang delivered to him by none other than Formula D champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. Now the second winner has been chosen, and while Gittin wasn’t on hand this time to deliver the prize, it was still an awesome day for Terry T. of Sullivan, Illinois.

Terry designed, battled, and shared a fairly stock-looking Shelby GT500 in a lovely shade of Grabber Blue. The modified Shelby was delivered by Chicago Sales Zone Managed Nick Bisekelonis, who seemed all too happy to deliver the GT500 to Terry. Terry kept things simple, adding just a few classy touches like RTR wheels, side skirts, and 3D Carbon window louvers.

The result is a slick, clean-looking Shelby, and we especially like the fact that Terry opted to forgo racing stripes in favor of a solid look. It will probably take Terry a little while to get used to the Shelby’s 662 horsepower…but now that the car is his, he’ll have all the time in the world to practice. Congrats Terry…just don’t crash it!