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Video: Shelby GT500 Stars In New “Getaway” Movie

Hollywood has an infatuation with car chases, and for that we are ever thankful. There will of course never be an end to the debate of which movie has the greatest car chase of all time, but the best thing about car movies is that there is always another contender throwing their hat in the ring. While it may be hard to outdo the original grit and grime of movies like Bullitt or Gone in 60 Seconds, we don’t mind watching Hollywood try.

Hollywood superstar Ethan Hawke is starring in a new movie called “Getaway”, and the car he’ll be driving is none other than the badass Shelby GT500 Super Snake. We hate to spoil this movie for ourselves, but we feel like there is no way a Super Snake could ever be caught, especially by the more mundane police or villain vehicles in any movie!

Hawke plays a former race car driver named Brent Magna, who must use this older Shelby Super Snake he commandeers to save the life of his wife. Ok, so it’s not the most tantalizing plot line, we’ll give you that, but any movie that focuses on action, car chases, and any Shelby Mustang is an automatic must-see for us.

In the movie world, the Shelby actually belongs to former nick star Selena Gomez, who is understandably upset that Hawke steals her ride, no matter the cause, and ends up pointing a gun at the former race car driver. Regardless of the story though, there looks to be plenty of action in the Shelby to look forward to. Getaway hits theaters August 30th, so be sure to check it out.