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Video: Supra-powered 1968 Mustang Is Wrong But Oh So Right

Hot rodders have been swapping parts and engines ever since the auto industry was taking its first steps, and over time what is or isn’t “acceptable” has broadened noticeably. Still, there are those who feel that certain cars should only have certain engines, especially when it comes to classics like the Ford Mustang. If it wasn’t built by the Blue Oval, it better not be in a first-generation Mustang, or so some people think.

We happen to be a bit more opened-minded when it comes to hybrid cars of a different kind, and this 1968 Mustang has a nearly 450 horsepower inline-six cylinder pulled from a Toyota Supra. Regardless of your loyalties, you have to be impressed by the power and sound of this unique ‘68.

For those of you familiar with the Toyota Supra, it draws its power from a twin-turbo powered inline-six called the 2JZ, and this one came straight from Japan (that whole “JDM” thing). This engine has an SP Torque Monster single turbo kit, which is actually a big upgrade over the standard (though tiny) twin turbochargers.

As if a Toyota Supra engine weren’t heresy enough, backing the engine is a Chevy TH400, which bolts to the Japanese engine with a kit. The whole restoration process took some four years, and while there are no doubt plenty of haters ready to mock this Mustang, it puts 443 horsepower to the wheels in a unique way.

As for us though, we have to hand it to owner Chris Threadgill. He had an idea, and he went with it, and the result speaks for itself.