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Video: Take A Tour Of Ford Racing’s Aluminator Assembly Facility

Our friends over at Ford Racing Parts are always innovating new gear to make your Mustang better, and with their new line of Aluminator Coyote engines they’ve done it again. We found this video that shows off some of the unique technologies that their assembly partner uses in the construction of all of the Aluminator crate engines that takes place in the Livonia, Michigan assembly plant and thought we’d share it with you. It’s nice to hear some of the details presented by Ford Racing’s Crate Engine Product Manager Mike Delahanty about how the plant operates, and it should be noted right up front that the Performance Assembly Solutions facility is the same place where the engines for Ford Racing’s Cobra Jets are manufactured. 

The factory-fresh Coyote engines arrive at PAS for disassembly, but that’s just the beginning of the process. The engines are taken apart, completely cleaned and prepared for assembly by trained technicians, and that’s where the awesomeness starts. Each engine fully measured with those measurements recorded in to the facility’s computerized tracking system. Those numbers are tied to the serialized engine recording all important data of the build.. Each Aluminator engine then receives one of a variety of piston and connecting rod assemblies depending upon its final intended use . Three engines are built here, the Aluminator NA (PN M-6007-A50NA], Aluminator SC [PN M-6007-A50SC], or brand-new Aluminator XS [PN M-6007-A50XS], which is based on the legendary Cobra Jet engine.

The PAS facility makes use of a number of high-tech innovations such as the electronic torque gun that automatically inputs the final measurements into the tracing system. Each engine once complete is also tested for coolant-cavity leaks and subsequently primed and run on a cold-test stand to ensure clean operation and oil pressure. The Aluminator SC engine carries a 9.5:1 compression ratio, while the NA version runs with a factory Coyote 11.0:1 CR. The Aluminator XS engine is based on the Cobra Jet engine and wears a CJ intake manifold along with Boss302 fully CNC-ported cylinder heads for the ultimate in hand-built crate engine performance. For more information, check out the Ford Racing Parts website.