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Video:Mustang Plays Big Role In New Need For Speed Trailer

For the past decade, the Fast and Furious franchise has dominated movie theaters, coming out with a new entry in the series every couple of years. While it’s all well and good if you’re into light-hearted, over-the-top action starring the same cast of characters every time, some of us are looking for a little something…different.

That something could be the upcoming Need For Speed movie starring Breaking Bad alum Aaron Paul as a framed former mechanic out for revenge on the man responsible for his incarceration. The latest trailer is a full two-and-a-half minutes long, and sees the much-ballyhooed custom Mustang take a center role in this latest teaser.

Playing the role of Tobey Marshall, Paul finds himself released from prison on a mission of revenge, and naturally that mission involves fast cars and illegal street racing. Tobey dives back into this shady underworld driving a 2014 Shelby GT500 modified from front to rear to be the ultimate street racing machine. The car looks ridiculously badass, and Ford is behind this movie big time ahead of the 50th anniversary of the Blue Oval pony car.

While many automotive blogger and writer types have already written off Need For Speed as a Fast and Furious ripoff, some of us are looking forward to a darker take on the gritty world of street racing. Fresh from the grimy crime drama Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul could give new life to the street racing movie genre, which has become almost cartoonish as of late.

Are we alone in looking forward to the Need For Speed movie, or did this trailer convince you to check it out come next year?